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MLB Betting Trends
Betting trends to watch in baseball.
MLB Betting Trends
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Cueto and Kazmir

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Brady Suspension Upheld
How does Brady's suspension impact the Patriots' season?

Quarterback Dilemma
Which quarterback should start for Ohio State?

All-time Lakers vs. Bulls
Could an all-time Lakers squad beat the Bulls by 50 points?

New Playoff Teams - NFL Bold Predictions
Bold Prediction - the Dolphins and Vikings will make the playoffs.

No Playoffs for PIT, DET, ARI - NFL Bold Predictions
The Steelers, Lions and Cardinals will miss the playoffs.

Jags on the Clock - NFL Bold Predictions
The Jags will have the worst record in the NFL.

Offensive Lines Matter - NFL Bold Predictions
Offensive lines issues will cause Seahawks and Broncos to take a step back.

Mariota over Winston - NFL Bold Predictions
In the fifth installment of player projection focused Bold Predictions for the 2015 NFL season, Marcus Mariota, not Jameis Winston, is the top rookie quarterback.

Peterson is #1 - NFL Bold Predictions
In the fourth installment of player projection focused Bold Predictions for the 2015 NFL season, Adrian Peterson is the No. 1 running back in fantasy.

Luck's Fantasy Impact - NFL Bold Predictions
In the second installment of player projection focused Bold Predictions for the 2015 NFL season we look at Andrew Luck's projected dominance in fantasy football.

Most Likely Super Bowl - NFL Bold Predictions
Bold Prediction - Packers and Colts will play in the Super Bowl.

Hill Leads the League - NFL Bold Predictions
In the first installment of our NFL Bold Predictions for 2015, Jeremy Hill is projected to lead the NFL in rushing this season. See where others rank.

MLB Rest of Season - 07/30/2015
Updating daily, we simulate rest of 2015 MLB regular season 50,000 times to project final records and standings for every team.

MLB Picks - 07/30/2015
The Predictalator has played today's MLB games 50,000 times to analyze chances of each team winning relative to the money-line, over/under and run-line. See the Cleveland Indians @ Oakland Athletics and more.

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ResultsFinder Highlights
With just a few days before NFL and college football camps opening, it's worth noting some football highlights. Strong opinions in college football have consistently generated great returns, with the Locks of the Week on the site going 53-24 (69% ATS) over five seasons (24-8, 75% ATS in the last two seasons) and featured, "normal" or better totals (greater than 57% confidence in the pick) going 348-255 (58% O/U) all-time.

Picking every NFL game over five years, playable against-the-spread picks are 591-487 (55% ATS) on the site (including better than 57% ATS in 2013 and .500 or better results every week in 2014 from Week 7 through the Conference Championship games).

Halftime Picks
As soon as an NFL, college football, college basketball or NBA games reach halftime, we simulate second half 50,000 times to exploit line inefficiencies created during the game.

The PM Blog
A one-stop destination for analytically driven general sports, fantasy and betting insights, the blog offers a unique look behind the numbers.

Game Matchups - Individual Game Picks
Our new Game Matchup pages include everything you may need to know about each individual college football, college basketball, NHL, NBA and NFL game.

Trend Machine - FREE Betting Tool
Understanding how teams, players, leagues and markets have reacted to various scenarios for over 35 years and 30,000 games in six different sports - NFL, College Football, NBA, College Basketball, NHL and MLB - is a tremendous supplement to any analysis of an upcoming matchup.

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The Predictalator is the most advanced sports forecasting software available today, playing every game 50,000 times before it's actually played.

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Team-by-team in-game win percentage charts track the average projected in-game winning expectancy throughout every MLB, NFL or NBA game. Within each sport, filter by conference/league, division, team and season. All seasons reflects the average projected winning percentage for every game in that sports since the launch of Live ScoreCaster for that sport.

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