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Our Goal

At PredictionMachine.com, we’re passionate about the power of data and analytics to inform better decision-making. Our team of experts in sports, gaming, and technology has spent years developing cutting-edge algorithms and predictive models that can help you make more informed decisions, whether you’re a sports bettor, or just a fan looking to understand the game at a deeper level.Our proprietary technology uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to analyze vast amounts of data and identify patterns that humans might miss. We use this technology to generate accurate predictions for a wide range of sports and events, including football, basketball, baseball, hockey, soccer, and more

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Who we are

We’re not just a data company. We’re also a team of passionate sports fans and gamers who understand the excitement and adrenaline that comes with making the right prediction. That’s why we’re dedicated to providing our users with not just accurate predictions, but also insights and analysis that help you understand the factors driving those predictions.

Whether you’re looking to win your fantasy league, make smart bets on your favorite teams, or just stay ahead of the curve in your sports knowledge, PredictionMachine.com is here to help. Join our community of like-minded sports fans and let us help you unlock the power of data and analytics in your sports life.

Our Handicapper

tony farmer
Tony Farmer
Tony Farmer is a professional handicapper, with a background in sport writing, who lives in Austin, Texas.As a handicapper, Tony has given betting recommendations and insights for Sports Illustrated's SI.com and his podcast.As a writer and podcast host, Tony has interviewed some of the biggest names in sports including John Stockton, Austin Ekeler, Buster Posey, and Frank Gore.As a professional handicapper, Tony is here to let Prediction Machine users into his handicapping process while providing his personal takes, opinions, & analysis on Prediction Machine picks."I can't promise that every recommendation will hit, but I can promise that you will learn valuable tips along the way which will make you a more prepared bettor."

Tailored Experience

Prediction Machine customers receive a tailored experience. Suggested plays and bet amounts are all customized based on your betting preferences and tendancies.


Projected Boxscores

Our Boxscores always will show you projections of our predicted outcomes for each game (if data is available).


In depth matchup analysis

Our Matchup pages will give you valuable insights into player specific stats, odds information and projections to make you as informed as possible.


Handicapper Insights

Our in-house handicapper Tony Farmer will provide real time insights on PM bets in order maximize your bankroll

User Testimonials

Matt K. - Los Angeles, California
I used Prediction Machine for the first time with a one day pass. I set my unit size amount and followed every play the system recommended. It produced a 10% ROI for the day with a 27-23 record.
Josh M. - Akron, Ohio
No other system gives me 10,000 simulations of every game available, every day, in every sport. I use Prediction Machine to help me toss out all the bad lines, so I can focus my bankroll on the plays that will help me.
Jenny T. - Bronx, NY
Prediction Machine's sports betting predictions are top-notch, providing users with accurate and data-driven insights into the outcomes of various sporting events. Its comprehensive coverage and easy-to-use interface, make it an indispensable resource.