Burke leads the way in Week 15 - Prediction Machine

Week 15 of our NFL Pick ’em contest was the toughest week yet for our field of 53 contestants. Week 15 saw the lowest number of contestants (3) with at least four wins and only 11 contestants finished above .500.

Danny Burke of burkesbeat.com and PM subscribers “RMENDIVIL” and “TIMCBP” were the lone 4-1 contestants on the week and a gaggle of 8 contestants including PM Betting Analyst Tony Farmer and Bacon Bets Podcast Host Iain MacMillan finished 3-2.

It was a tough week (0-5) for PM subscriber “PENETRATORS” who was leading the contest, but is now 5-15 over the last four weeks.

RMENDIVIL (@sportpsydoc on X) is now the overall contest leader at 48-27 vs. the point spread.

“(I’m) not confident at the end of the season as you have to look at playoff perspective plus being professionals, anyone can beat anyone on a given Sunday,” RMENDIVIL said. “The last weeks are more difficult as some teams may play younger players as they know they won’t make the playoffs and on the other perspective some teams may rest their players so you can’t go strictly off statistics. In my opinion, the last couple of week are more difficult to handicap.”

RMENDIVIL holds a 1-game lead over fellow PM subscriber “SHIEKHERS” (47-28) and a two game lead on Kevin Hanson (46-29) of eatdrinkandsleepfootball.com.

“NICKRICHIE24” and Farmer are tied 45-30, three games back of the lead.

MacMillan is sitting at 44-31, one game ahead of PM subscriber “JET$$$$$$$” who publicly stated on X his desire to beat MacMillan.

The Week 16 slate features 11 home favorites and three double-digit underdog options to consider