Week 8 PM Pick'em Contest Update - Prediction Machine

Week 8 PM Pick’em Contest Update

Joe Burrow

Week 8

Prediction Machine subscriber TIMCBP was the only contestant in the field of 53 to go 5-0 vs. the spread this week. TIMCBP went 4-1 last week and his incredible 9-1 run has him tied with three others for second place (25-15) overall in the contest behind leader, PENETRATORS (28-12).

Nine contestants went 4-1 this week including former NFL receiver Ryan Hoag, Prediction Machine Betting Analyst Tony Farmer, Command the Mic podcast host George Carmi, and Saints sideline reporter Jeff Nowak.

Several contestants including Farmer, former Pro Bowl linebacker Keith Mitchell,  Kansas City Chiefs reporter Darren Smith, and former OddsShark.com content creator Kris Abbott took a bad beat when the Ravens failed to cover after, among other things, a Cardinals onside kick recovery.

As Abbott said on Twitter, “Prater FG here is gonna be an all-time bad beat in the @PM_Bestbets contest.”

Week 8 really tightened the standings as 21 constants are now within three wins of second place.

Abbott, Bacon Bets Podcast host Iain MacMillan, and OddShark.com content creator Mitch Bannon are tied for third place at 24-16.

The 23-17 cluster includes Farmer, Nowak, Smith, and Chicago Bears content creator Deeksview. Behind them is three-person cluster at 22 wins featuring long-time Arizona Cardinals beat writer Kyle Odegard and thehuddlereport.com’s Robby Esch.

Week 9 kicks off Thursday when the Titans and Steelers square off and it’ll be interesting to see if any league members select that game for their 5-game card.