Week 12 PM Pick'em Contest Update - Prediction Machine

Week 12 PM Pick’em Contest Update


NFL Week 12

A pair of Andrews headlined Week 12 in the Prediction Machine NFL Pick ’em Contest. Andrew “Chalk Ninja” Avery (OddsShark.com) was the only contestant to go 5-0 vs. the spread, while former Oakland Athletics pitcher Andrew Carignan went 4-1 for the third consecutive week.

Carignan and Avery both scored wins with the Steelers and Dolphins, while Avery utilized the Jaguars, Giants and Broncos to secure the perfect week. Carignan picked up wins with the 49ers and Ravens and lost a game trusting the Eagles.

PM subscriber “PENETRATORS” was atop the standings entering the week, but he stumbled with a 0-5 performance. That rough week allowed PM subscriber “SHIEKHERS” to take the overall lead (39-21), while “PENETRATORS” is one game back and tied for second place with eatdrinkandsleepfootball.com’s Kevin Hanson.

“PENETRATORS” can thank the following teams for his losing week: Seahawks, Jets, Texans, Raiders, Chargers.

Fourth place belongs to PM subscriber “RMENDIVIL” while PM subscriber “JET$$$$$$$” is tied with OddsShark.com personality Mitch Bannon and former OddsShark.com personality Kris Abbott.

Tied for ninth place (35-20) is Kansas City Chiefs reporter Darren Smith, Chicago Bears content creator DEEKSVIEW, and PM subscriber “RGBOYLE.” Prediction Machine Betting Analyst Tony Farmer is among those tied for 12th place with 34 wins.

Favorites went 12-4 ATS in Week 12, and the Week 13 schedule features four favorites of -6.5 or more. To stay updated on the latest action with this pick ’em contest, be sure to follow @PM_bestbets on twitter.