Prediction Machine Betting: Many Ways To Profit With PM - Prediction Machine

Prediction Machine Betting: Many Ways To Profit With PM

How to bet with Prediction Machine

How To Profit With Prediction Machine

Just as there’s more than one way for an offensive coordinator to drive 75 yards and score a touchdown, there’s also more than one way for Prediction Machine subscribers to score a profit.

Prediction Machine’s powerful algorithm and various resources aim to give bettors an edge, and ultimately our users decide how to use the tools we provide. Below is a recap of some of the more common approaches we see our readers and subscribers taking.  

Full Volume

Those who invested in a Prediction Machine subscription package have the option of betting every game in each sport using our suggested betting amount. I’m calling this approach “full volume” because of the sheer volume of games that betting with this strategy requires.

This method has been proven to be profitable historically, as you can see from our past results page.

“For instance, if you followed this approach during the 2022-2023 NBA season, you’d be up 88.64 units and during the 2022-2023 NCAA Mens’ Basketball season, you’d be up 190.56 units.”

Because this formula has been profitable historically, it’s of course the recommended method for our subscribers. The main drawback to the full volume approach is that it requires a lot of time and attention to create all those betting tickets, especially during times of year where there are multiple sports going on at once. With this in mind, below are other ways our subscribers utilize their subscription package.

The Hunt-And-Peck

Like someone learning to type on a keyboard for the first time, the hunt-and-peck approach sees the user hone in on targets one at a time.

Instead of the full volume approach, those choosing this method select which games to bet out of the recommended wagers, while deciding not to bet other games even though they’re recommended. Think of a person in a Las Vegas buffet line, “I like that one, and that one, but that one over there doesn’t look good to me, I’m not trusting it.”

This method requires less time than the full volume method and the bettor has no real criteria for choosing which games to pick and which to ignore. If you’re successful at choosing which games to pick, it gives you the opportunity to out perform the full volume method. Be warned, however, you also risk weeding out winners and if you’re not careful you could find yourself under performing compared to the full volume approach.

The Selective Hunt-and-Peck

Some of our subscribers choose the Hunt and Peck approach, but have an intentional system for which games within the recommended bets they make.

For instance, some people only bet games that have a higher recommended dollar amount next to them since the machine is essentially telling you the higher the bet size the more conviction it has on the value of that bet. If this approach resonates with you, you can see our highest dollar amount games on our best bets page here

Other bettors make criteria based on their unique betting styles such as only betting the recommended underdogs or only placing wagers on the home teams that are recommended. This approach carries the same risks as the Hunt-and-Peck method, but the user is more deliberate about which games they choose.

The Sounding Board

Some users utilize their Prediction Machine subscription more as a sounding board. In other words, they’re coming up with their decisions on which games to bet and how much to bet, but then checking in with the Machine before they pull the trigger.

In other words, “I’m feeling really confident in this pick, but before I lock the bet in, I want to make sure the Prediction Machine agrees with me” or “When this line came out, I was shocked the total was set so high, I want to see what the machine says on this one.”

The Filter method

Unlike the sounding board where subscribers make their decisions in advance, the filter method utilizes our recommendations as a starting point. For example, someone who only bets one or two games per day using their own analysis, but instead of looking at a full slate of 15 baseball games, they just analyze the recommendations from the machine, essentially using the machine as a filter to weed out lines that aren’t vulnerable.

Tailing the Free Pick

Prediction Machine offers a Free Pick of the Day (Monday-Friday) from its in-house handicapper. The pick is not determined using Prediction Machine’s algorithm and sometimes conflicts with the machine’s recommendations. The Free pick includes analysis and reasoning for why the pick is a strong play. The Free Picks of the Day can be found here

Some readers bet the Free Pick of the Day each day, while others bet it only when it aligns with the Prediction Machine’s recommendations or if the analysis is compelling enough to sway them.