MacMillan Steals the Show in Week 13 - Prediction Machine

MacMillan Steals the Show in Week 13

Ja'Marr Chase

PM Pick'em Contest Week 13 Update

Week 13 was challenging in the Prediction Machine NFL Pick ‘Em contest as only five contestants finished with better than 3-2 vs. the spread.

Bacon Bets Podcast host Iain MacMillan was the only participant to go 5-0 as he scored wins with five road teams (Seattle, Miami, Indianapolis, Atlanta, and San Francisco). Former MLB Pitcher Andrew Carignan went 4-1 for the 4th consecutive week as he’s worked his way into a tie for 19th place in the overall standings after a slow start.

“I think it’s a mixture of things,” Carignan said while explaining the turnaround. “I was at a wedding one weekend, rushed and went 0-5. Then I had a kid, but as far as assessing games, I think I’ve just leaned into the teams that I think are the best covering, even if it’s on the road.”

Danny Burke of and PM subscribers “RMENDIVIL” and “SMOKESTER4444” joined Carignan with an impressive 4-1 week.

Nine contestants finished the week 3-2 including NBC Sports Senior NFL Analyst Samantha Bunten and personality Mitch Bannon.

“RMENDIVIL” entered the week in fourth place in the overall standings and now has sole possession of first place with an impressive 41-24 record. Second place is held by PM subscriber SHIEKHERS who is one game back. There is a logjam for third place as Bannon is tied with former personality Kris Abbott, Kevin Hanson of, and PM subscriber “PENETRATORS” at 39-26.

Four contestants are tied for 7th place at 38-27 including MacMillan, “SMOKESTER4444,” “NICKRICHIE24,” and Chicago Bears content creator “DEEKSVIEW.”

Prediction Machine Betting Analyst Tony Farmer is tied for 11th place with Kansas City Chiefs reporter Darren Smith, Enoch Autry (Clayton Tribune), and two PM subscribers (“JET$$$$$$$” and “BULLDOGGERS85”).

The week 14 slate features 10 home favorites.