Matt Richner Bio: NFL Draft Expert

Last Updated: 2/25/2016 7:35 PM ET

Who is Matt Richner?

The use of statistical analysis in the field of football scouting has been of great interest to Matthew Richner since the inception of the Moneyball approach to professional baseball. If it worked in baseball, could it work in football? Specifically, when scouting players for the NFL Draft?

Matt received a B.S. degree in Political Science, with an emphasis on Economics, from Western Washington University. With a passion for sports, Matt went on to earn a Master's degree in Sports Management and Administrative Leadership from Seattle University. It was in graduate school where he was able to explore and examine the use of Quantitative and Qualitative advanced statistical measurements in the field of scouting and draft strategies as it's applied to the NFL Draft.

While in graduate school, Matt worked as an Intern for the Seattle Seahawks organization for the 2008-2009 season. It was here that he was able to see firsthand how an NFL team, correctly and incorrectly, set-up its draft boards and player evaluation reports. He noticed that these reports lacked objective, statistical analysis for scouting and player personnel. During his time with the Seahawks, Matt was given the opportunity to attend the NFL Combine in 2009. Having the opportunity to talk with numerous GM's and coaches about their player observations and draft strategies is one of his favorite professional experiences.

Since 2009, Matt has gone on to produce statistical reports on NFL Draft prospects for various NFL teams (six in total), including several head coaches, general managers and other front office personnel. By taking an objective, rational approach to player evaluation, he has proven that you can minimize the number of draft busts and find the prospects which other draft analysts routinely miss out on year after year.

When he's not poring over scouting reports and spreadsheets, Matt can be found enjoying the Pacific Northwest with family and friends along with his lovely wife-to-be and Buster, his English Bulldog.

Over the course of his career, Matt has put together positional reports that look at historical trends regarding key indicators from collegiate prospects and their performance at the professional level. These reports, which have previously only been available to front office personnel are available here: