Which Teams Benefit the Most By Acquiring Tony Romo? (11/23/16)

By Frank Brank @realfbra
Tony Romo has been the hot-button topic of the last few weeks in the NFL. The Cowboys aren't going to take on his salary to keep him as a backup when they could use that salary to either supply Dak with more weapons or upgrade their front-seven on defense. We wouldn't put it past Jerry Jones to grab another dominant offensive lineman either.

As long as Prescott doesn't regress into what we expected at the beginning of the year or get badly injured, Romo will be traded or released in the offseason. Romo and Jerry Jones have a great relationship. One would assume Romo is traded out of the division (or Romo agrees not to play in their division), at the very least, as the two work out a deal that won't hurt either of them in the future.

There are a number of teams that fit that description that could use a quarterback. Adjusting for Romo at quarterback, the teams below show the differences between their current team for season long projections and with Romo. For our purposes, we've used teams that are a bit closer to competing than teams like the Browns or 49ers.

The teams that are already at least average like the Broncos and Texans seem to benefit the most from adding Romo. The Broncos' dominant defense is the sole purpose of why we believe they are the best overall team in the AFC West already. Getting a boost like Romo at quarterback would allow them to air it out a little more to Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. Romo would put them at 11 wins in an average season in his current form, making them prominent Super Bowl contenders.

The Texans would not be seen as prominent Super Bowl contenders, but they would improve their standing. They would get bumped from the second best team in the AFC South to the best team. Bill O'Brien would certainly be willing to throw the ball more often down the field. DeAndre Hopkins has turned himself into a top NFL wide receiver with essentially no quarterback for a couple years. If he were to get Romo in a short move to Houston, he would be even more incredible. The Texans average record would get a jump to nearly 9-7 on average.

For teams that are already basement dwellers, it doesn't seem as though Romo would be a big boost or worth his high salary with so many holes waiting to be filled. We've seen Romo play on multiple Cowboys teams that dominate on offense almost entirely because of him but do not have the defense to compete or lack weapons for him in general. Teams like the Jets and Bears would be better off preparing themselves to sign or find a quarterback worth drafting.

The Jaguars are an interesting case. Though Romo only gives them an 8-8 record per our simulation, they are not afraid to air it out and play in that weak AFC South. A nine-win team could win that division regularly in its current state. Blake Bortles' untimely interceptions have destroyed their offense. Romo isn't exactly immune to turnovers, but he's much more of a complete quarterback than Bortles. Allen Robinson and Allen Hurns would be an impressive group to watch if they could swing all of those rising salaries on one team.