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Updates From the PM Pick Em Contest

CeeDee Lamb

NFL Week 6

Big Week 6 upsets in the NFL translated into a wild week in the Prediction Machine Pick ‘Em contest.

Only four of the 50+ contestants stacked more than three wins this week as a quartet went 4-1 and solidified themselves in the standings. Kansas City Chiefs’ beat writer Darren Smith, Bacon Bets Podcast host Iain MacMillan, OddsShark.com content creator Mitch Bannon, and PM subscriber KCBoltfan all finished with four wins.

MacMillan and Smith both picked up wins with the Rams and Chiefs vs. the spread and lost their lone game on the 49ers. Bannon, MacMillan and KCBoltfan all grabbed wins with the Vikings and Bannon and MacMillan scored a win thanks to the Ravens win over the Titans in London.

Smith stands alone atop the season long standings with a 21-9 record and five contestants are tied one game back. That group consists of three PM subscribers (Smokester4444, Rmendivil, Penetrators) as well as Chicago Bears Content Creator DEEKSVIEW and the aforementioned Bannon.

“Honestly, I’m only exceeding my expectations because I just pick general winners and losers and not dictated by the point spread,” Smith said. “Because I don’t have that option, I’m just trying to use a little common sense and the realization, especially after last week, that ‘Any Given Sunday.'”

MacMillan’s strong performance moves him to 19-11 and into a tie for seventh place with Kris Abbott, George Carmi, and Bulldoggers85.

So far both former NFL players in the contest (Keith Mitchell and Ryan Hoag) are .500 on the season.

With 12 weeks remaining in the contest, stay tuned to @PM_bestbets on twitter for the latest contest updates.