Tebow Impact Score (04/20/15)

By John Ewing Director of Research and Analytics @johnewing
What impact will Tebow have on the Eagles?

Tim Tebow is back! Sort of.

The former Heisman winning quarterback is expected to sign a one-year deal with the Philadelphia Eagles for the league minimum.

Philly adds Tebow to an already crowded and underwhelming collection of talent at the quarterback position. Tebow will compete with Sam Bradford, Mark Sanchez, Matt Barkley and a potential draft pick for a roster spot next fall.

The SEC Network analyst will try to rejuvenate his NFL career. Tebow has not seen game action since 2012 and was last on an NFL roster with the Patriots in 2013.

What, if anything, does Tebow have left in the tank after two years away from the game?

The former first round pick has an impact score of 7.09 out of 10.0.

This score is a relative value based on our projections that can put players in context across positions and over time. A score of seven or above can generally outperform a replacement player in the NFL at his position as a rookie; an eight or above can be expected to start adequately and a player with a rating over nine is a unique, standout player.

When you compare Tebow's score to the rest of the starters in the NFL this signing looks like another curious move by Chip Kelly. Only one team, Jacksonville, in the league would benefit from starting the former Gators signal caller, sorry Blake Bortles.

In fact, based on impact scores, the Eagles would be better off trying to draft a quarterback. There are seven quarterbacks in the 2015 Draft class that have a better score than Tebow.

Tim Tebow grades out barely above replacement level talent. This move is likely to be remembered more for making news than for an impact on the field.

Starting Quarterback Impact Scores

Team QB Impact Score
Green Bay Packers 9.50
New Orleans Saints 9.30
Pittsburgh Steelers 9.19
New England Patriots 9.08
Indianapolis Colts 8.88
Atlanta Falcons 8.80
Dallas Cowboys 8.68
San Diego Chargers 8.61
Carolina Panthers 8.60
Denver Broncos 8.45
Miami Dolphins 8.44
Seattle Seahawks 8.33
Baltimore Ravens 8.32
Minnesota Vikings 8.20
Kansas City Chiefs 8.11
Arizona Cardinals 8.06
New York Giants 8.04
Detroit Lions 7.98
Philadelphia Eagles 7.91
Washington Redskins 7.83
San Francisco 49ers 7.77
Cincinnati Bengals 7.75
Tennessee Titans 7.72
Chicago Bears 7.70
St. Louis Rams 7.67
Houston Texans 7.42
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7.25
Buffalo Bills 7.22
Oakland Raiders 7.20
Cleveland Browns 7.20
New York Jets 7.14
Jacksonville Jaguars 7.03