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Q: Where can I view the picks I just purchased?

A: The breakdown of every game can be found on the Game Picks page. These also will be linked from the homepage. To know exactly when picks become available, please sign up for the Pick Availability Alerts in your Account page.

Q: What sports do you predict?

A: At this point, we predict every game in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, college basketball and college football. Other sports, like horse racing, boxing/MMA, golf and tennis are on our radar, but no specific timetable exists for those products at this point.

Q: When do the picks come out?

A: It varies by sport. For the NFL and College Football, the picks are posted at 8 pm EST on Wednesdays. For MLB, NBA, NHL and college basketball, picks are posted two hours before the first game or at 4:00 pm ET (whichever comes first). To know exactly when picks are available, please sign up for the Pick Availability Alerts in your Account page.

Q: In areas of the site you mention a regular $50 player would be +165 (for example). Just curious if you are including 10% juice in your examples?

A: To come up with those claims, we assume that a $50 bettor is using our Play Value Calculator recommendations to play the games mentioned at the published odds. If no odds are published, such as with football and basketball spreads and totals, -110 is assumed. So anytime that we reference the +$X, it is with the juice incorporated. That is a good distinction to make though, since a "$50 player" is really in reference to the "to risk" amount. A -110 win then is actually a win of $45.45.

Q: Why is there fluctuation when I run the Customizable Model or the Play Analyzer?

A: Each time a game is "played" in the Customizable Model or Play Anlayzer, it is simulated 50,000 times at that moment. This may cause some minor fluctuations in game scores and win percentages, including ATS and O/U percentages. These fluctuations may alter recommendations by very small amounts, but will never significantly impact bankroll management decisions.

Q: What is your record?

A: Ultimate transparency is of the utmost importance to us. The ResultsFinder is a useful tool for those looking to get the most out of this site by tracking the success of teams in certain circumstances as well as the success of our model's straight-up, against-the-spread, money-line (for NHL and MLB) and on the over/under.

Only data from September, 2011 and beyond is available through the ResultsFinder. Half-bet information began tracking on May 18, 2012.

Q: Why does a half point when 3 or 7 make that big a difference?

A: Whether it is 3.5 or 3 points, for the favorite to cover the spread, it has to win by four or more points. There is some value given to a push in the cover percentage that accounts for the difference, but, strictly according to the definition of cover the spread, the same results are needed by favorites over any half-point line and the whole-point line below it.

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Q: I have a new email address and am wondering if I can change my email on my account or if I need to create a whole new account.

A: You can change your email address on your Account page.

Q: I want to unsubscribe to your site but can't find that option anywhere on your site.

A: Clicking on Account in the upper right-hand corner of any page will take you to the account page that will allow you choose which emails you receive. While we hope that some of these may be of interest to you, un-checking every box will remove you from all future emails.

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