Things are Changing (8/14/17)

By Rob Pizzola, Business Manager @predictmachine
Over the past several months, we have completed overhauls of all of our picks engines, in an attempt to deliver the most accurate pick projections on the market today. We believe we have succeeded in this task. With the exception of NFL football (which we had not altered last season), our results in all of the major sports have improved year over year. Our back-tests of previous seasons using our new engines have also proven to be very fruitful. Simply put, we are in the best place that we've ever been. Our models continue to show improving closing line value and profits, which are strong indicators of future success.

For those who don't know anything about me, sports betting has made up the majority of my income for the better part of three years. I often get asked the same question over and over again… “Why are you selling picks if you're so good at betting on sports?”. There is a common notion that these two items are mutually exclusive. The truth is that I love to work. Seriously. Between my previous job as a Product Manager for theScore and my current job as Business Manager for Prediction Machine, I spent my days grinding away to make a living through daily fantasy sports and sports betting. It was a horrible lifestyle. It was a lifestyle that left me without much social activity on a day-to-day basis, and generally in a poor state of mind. I spent most of my days sleeping (which may sound nice to some people), but I grew tired of it very quickly.

When I was first approached with the opportunity to take the reigns from Paul Bessire at Prediction Machine, I jumped all over it. It was a natural fit for me. I was once again afforded the luxury of working on something that I was truly passionate about. This is something that always has been and always will be important to me. For those that have followed me on Twitter in the past, I built my brand on doing what I could to help others make positive expected value wagers.

When I accepted this role in August of 2016, I was adamant that I wanted to do picks “the right way”. Every single day, I strive to produce a product that I myself would use as a bettor and I finally feel like we're there. There are certainly many ways in which we can still improve the site, and believe me, we will get there, but I am ecstatic with our progress over the past year. Our product backlog is full of some great ideas that will be huge assets for sports bettors in years to come, and with each passing day, we are accomplishing something.

However, all of these changes and accomplishments have not come without a price. In the past, our time had always been split between picks projections and fantasy sports, and while we felt like we had a strong offering in both products, it has felt at times like we are lacking a clear focus. Taking fantasy sports out of the equation allows us to put all of our emphasis on picks, which has always been the core of our business.

From here on forward, Prediction Machine will exclusively be a picks projections site, and we will no longer offer fantasy sports content. I'm sure this is a disappointment to the many have used our fantasy tools in the past, but we would be doing users a complete disservice if we continued to offer these products going forward, since they have fallen by the wayside. I take a lot of pride in my work, and I simply do not have it in me to offer a lesser version of a product. If we can't do fantasy sports the way that it should be done, then we are not going to do it. Plain and simple.

So what are you to do about your fantasy sports fix? I am excited to announce a partnership between Prediction Machine and Fantasy Guru Elite. Using promo code “PMFANTASY17”, all existing Prediction Machine users will benefit from a 10% discount on any existing Fantasy Guru Elite packages.

Just to give you a little bit of a backstory, several years ago, I connected with four other sophisticated minds via Twitter. We formed a group that was dedicated to building out models for all of the major sports (both for picks and fantasy purposes). One of those sophisticated minds was @mlbmodel, who is the COO and a co-owner of Fantasy Guru Elite. I am a Fantasy Guru Elite member. I have been a member ever since the inception of the site. It is a quality product and it is backed by projections that are the industry standard, in my opinion. This isn't a sales pitch; this is what I truly believe.

If you need to fill the void that is left by the absence of fantasy products at Prediction Machine, then give Fantasy Guru Elite a shot. If you have any additional comments, questions, or concerns, hit us up at on Twitter or send us some feedback through the Support on our site.

Today marks a big step forward for Prediction Machine and we are excited to see where the future takes us.

Rob Pizzola
Business Manager