Offensive Rankings (06/24/14)

By John Ewing
NFL Positional Power Rankings – ranking every player in the NFL by position.

Our NFL Positional Power Rankings are based on an impact score (0 - 10 scale) for each player. These are the same rankings we share with NFL teams to discuss draft and roster creation as well as the basis for all of our NFL Draft content including the 2014 Top 250 Rankings. The impact score is a relative value based on the projections that can put players in context across positions. A score of seven or above can generally outperform a replacement player in the NFL at his position; an eight or above can be expected to start adequately and a player with a rating over nine is a unique, game-changing athlete.

Why are positional rankings important? The ratings used in the positional rankings analysis are directly tied to the objective used to run each NFL regular and postseason game 50,000 times. The relative strengths and weakness of the teams have helped go 35-9 (80% ATS) all-time in the NFL Playoffs.

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Offensive Highlights
  • The Eagles are the only team to have four offensive players with impact scores of 9.0 out of 10 or higher.
  • The Broncos are so talented on offense that if you replace Peyton Manning with an adequate starter (8.0 out of 10), the Broncos would still be second in our rankings.
  • The Jaguars' highest rated player is tight end Marcedes Lewis. The ninth year pro out of UCLA only earned an 8.0 out of 10, expected to start adequately.
  • The Chiefs' offense ranks 29th overall, Kansas City is the lowest rated playoff team from last year.
  • None of the teams in the bottom ten have an offensive player with an impact score of 9.0 out of 10 or higher, a game-changing athlete.
  • These rankings include players like Josh Gordon who is facing a year suspension. The Browns rank 18th with Gordon, without their best receiver Cleveland falls to 25th.
Offensive Power Rankings

Team Average Offensive Rankings
Philadelphia Eagles 8.52
Denver Broncos 8.43
Dallas Cowboys 8.31
Detroit Lions 8.29
San Francisco 49ers 8.28
Minnesota Vikings 8.28
Green Bay Packers 8.19
New England Patriots 8.18
Washington Redskins 8.16
Cincinnati Bengals 8.14
New Orleans Saints 8.13
San Diego Chargers 8.12
Chicago Bears 8.10
Seattle Seahawks 8.09
Pittsburgh Steelers 8.02
Miami Dolphins 8.01
Atlanta Falcons 7.96
Cleveland Browns 7.95
Indianapolis Colts 7.93
Arizona Cardinals 7.91
St. Louis Rams 7.91
Buffalo Bills 7.87
Baltimore Ravens 7.86
Houston Texans 7.85
Carolina Panthers 7.84
New York Giants 7.83
Tennessee Titans 7.83
Oakland Raiders 7.80
Kansas City Chiefs 7.67
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 7.66
New York Jets 7.59
Jacksonville Jaguars 7.45