NHL Trade Deadline Live Blog (02/27/17)

By Frank Brank @realfrankbrank

The NHL trade deadline lands on Wednesday, March 1st this year. Some moves are already happening. We'll be live blogging and breaking down trades as they happen in real time.

(3/01 12:45PM): The Canadiens acquired Dwight King as a rental for a 2018 fourth round pick. Again, this seems to be the going rate for marginal rentals this year. King is a fourth liner for Los Angeles; thus, he gets hurt a bit in regards to relative possession and scoring numbers in a very analytical-friendly system. King isn't a large improvement for the Habs, but he's an improvement to their bottom six players.

(3/01 12:34PM): Thomas Vanek will be sent to the Florida Panthers for a prospect and a third round pick in the upcoming draft. Vanek is a plus player. This deal falls in line with the price the market has setforth over the last few days. However, Vanek is a bit of a better player than most players traded at this deadline. He not only has the possesion and scoring metrics, but he has put up 25 points this season. Vanek could bump Reilly Smith to the third line or he'll likely play there himself.

(3/01 10:43AM): Jannik Hansen was acquired by the Sharks for a prospect and a 2017 fourth round pick from the Canucks. Unlike most of the trades at the deadline thus far, Hansen should have a noticeable, positive impact for the Sharks. From a possession standpoint, Hansen has played at about his team's level for the last two seasons. While on the ice, his team has created over 6% more scoring chances than with him off the ice. The other plus side of this deal is Hansen is signed through next season, he will not be a rental.

(3/01 10:39AM): Last night, Chicago traded a prospect and a 2018 fourth round pick for Johnny Oduya previously of the Dallas Stars. Oduya has been a lower end defenseman for the Stars over the last two seasons. This is a minor trade with little impact. Oduya is a rental and will likely play on the Blackhawk's third line.

(2/28 4:12PM): The New York Rangers traded two draft picks, a 2017 third and 2018 second, for Brendan Smith of the Detroit Red Wings. This is a high price to pay for a slightly above average rental when they have a near impossible road through the Metro division. The later draft picks may not yield anything worthwhile, either, but this is an easy move for the Red Wings who need all the picks they can get. According to Dom Luszczyszyn's GameScore metric, Smith adds about half of a win (GSVA) for the Rangers.

(2/28 1:42PM): The Senators, who seemed to massively overpay for Alex Burrows last night, have acquired Viktor Stalberg from the Hurricanes for a 2017 third round pick. At this point, Stalberg is a third or fourth line winger who will be a cheap rental for Ottawa. The move doesn't make them any better or worse as Stalberg's relative possession numbers are slightly below average over the last two seasons. Stalberg has only produced nine points (seven goals, two assists) this season in 57 games.

(2/28 9:49AM): In a reported bidding war arguably between the two best teams in the NHL, the Capitals won the war against the Penguins for defenseman Kevin Shattenkirk. The Capitals will send two prospects with a 2017 first round draft pick and a conditional second round pick likely in 2019. This is a massive move for Washington who get the best player knowingly on the trade market. Shattenkirk is a rental for Washington, though they could extend or resign him in the offseason. He will, again, be one of the biggest targets at that time. Both teams, Washington and Pittsburgh, needed to add a defenseman; thus, the Pens will have to now look elsewhere over the next two days to fill their needs.

(2/27 4:41PM): As they've ran into some injuries, the Senators will send highly regarded prospect, Johnathan Dahlen, for Alex Burrows. The Sens seemed to have overpaid as Dahlen continues to excel in the minors. The Canucks will gain from the prospect addition as Ottawa gets a plus player that can help fill in on their offensive depth but time will tell on whether or not the Sens were better off using Dahlen for future seasons as opposed to renting Burrows.

(2/27 4:28PM): Montreal has acquired defenseman Jordie Benn for defenseman Greg Pateryn and a 2017 fourth round pick. In a strange move, the Canadiens may have made themselves worse. Jordie Benn supports a -3.2% relative Corsi and -3.9% relative scoring chances over the last two seasons; meaning his team has been about -3% to 4% worse in possession and scoring chances while he's on the ice compared to off the ice. interestingly, Pateryn has had a positive affect in both Corsi and scoring chances over the same time span. Pateryn's contract goes through next year and Benn is on contract for the next two seasons.

(2/27 4:02PM): The Leafs have acquired Brian Boyle from the Lightning for a 2017 second round pick and a prospoect. Boyle, according to Dom Luszczyszyn's GameScore metric, is a similarly plus player as Martin Hanzal (see below). The price, though, was one draft pick and a relatively meaningless prospect as opposed to all the picks the Wild gave up. On it's face, this seems like a good move for the Leafs who are on the edge of making the playoffs and need another center, especially while Tyler Bozak is out.

(2/27 3:10PM): In a possible connection with last night's trade, Minnesota will send Teemu Pulkkinen to Arizona for "future considerations." In a seemingly meaningless move, this frees up some money for the Wild who may not be done before Wednesday's deadline.

(2/26): The Los Angeles Kings and Minnesota Wild were busy overnight. The Kings traded for the Tampa Bay Lightning goalie, Ben Bishop, who is in the final year of his contract. Los Angeles gave up their current goalie, Peter Budaj, a prospect, a seventh round and conditional pick in the upcoming draft. In all, the main pieces are Bishop and Budaj.

Budaj has been decent for the Kings, supporting 91.7% save percentage. Bishop is certainly thought to be an upgrade although his current 91.1% save percentage this year suggests otherwise. Per our model, Bishop is the 14th best NHL goalie; whereas, Budaj ranks 58th. The uncertainty around Jonathan Quick's health and return lead to the move for the Kings. The question for the Kings is whether Bishop is enough to propel them into a playoff spot, as they are currently the first team out of the West and trail the Blues by three points.

The Minnesota Wild gave up a boatload of picks for Martin Hanzal, previously of the Arizona Coyotes. Minnesota seems to be going for it as the best team in the West by a decent margin. They gave the Coyotes a 2017 first round pick, 2018 second round pick, 2019 conditional pick that could turn into a second round pick. Hanzal is a plus player, according to Dom Luszczyszyn's GameScore metric, and will fill as a third line center for the Wild. However, this is a huge haul for the Coyotes as they trend towards the bottom of the NHL for a guy who will be a free agent in the offseason.