NFL Lines 13-16 (05/10/13)

By John Ewing

Cantor Gaming has released their point spreads for the 2013 NFL season. Below we look at some of the notable games from Week 13 through Week 16. Click here for Week 1 to Week 4, here for Week 5 to Week 8, here for Week 9 to Week 12.

Cantor Gaming released their lines for Week 1 through Week 16 (lines are not posted for Week 17 because there is uncertainty in player participation) and as such we look at some of the notable games in this year’s NFL schedule. Below we finish our review with Week 13 through Week 16.

Week 13

Pittsburgh Steelers (+2.5) @ Baltimore Ravens

This is a solid Thanksgiving matchup that continues the tradition of turkey and football since 1920. Each year three games are played and this matchup appears to be the most likely to produce a competitive game. The other games Dallas/Oakland and Detroit/Green Bay have at least one questionable team involved.

New Orleans Saints (+3.5) @ Seattle Seahawks

Does size matter? This matchup features two of the smaller quarterbacks in the league. Russell Wilson is listed at 5’11” while Drew Brees is listed at 6’0”. Despite Brees diminutive stature he successfully threw for more yards than every quarterback he faced last season.

New York Giants (+1.5) @ Washington Redskins

In five of the last eight seasons two teams have represented the NFC East in the playoffs or have been within one game of each other for the division crown. In what is always a tight division race this game could decide the playoff fate of each team.

Rest of the lines for Week 13.

Visiting Team Visiting Line Home Team Home Line
Packers -1.5 Lions 1.5
Raiders 7 Cowboys -7
Steelers 2.5 Ravens -2.5
Buccaneers 3 Panthers -3
Jaguars 4.5 Browns -4.5
Titans 4.5 Colts -4.5
Broncos -4 Chiefs 4
Bears 1.5 Vikings -1.5
Dolphins 1 Jets -1
Cardinals 4 Eagles -4
Falcons -3 Bills 3
Rams 7.5 49ers -7.5
Patriots PK Texans PK
Bengals PK Chargers PK
Giants 1.5 Redskins -1.5
Saints 3.5 Seahawks -3.5

Week 14

Atlanta Falcons (+3) @ Green Bay Packers

This late season matchup could help determine which team gets a first-round bye in the playoffs. Atlanta and Green Bay have combined to own home field throughout the playoffs in each of the last three seasons. Unfortunately neither team won the Super Bowl those years.

Dallas Cowboys (+3) @ Chicago Bears

In their matchup last season Tony Romo threw five interceptions in a loss. Romo became the only active quarterback with multiple five-interception games and he now holds the Dallas record for most 5-INT games.

Houston Texans (-4.5) @ Jacksonville Jaguars

The Texans are the only road team favored in Week 14. Not surprising it comes against the Jaguars. Jacksonville last season was 21st in pass yards/game, 30th in rush yards/game, 22nd in pass yards allowed, and 30th in rush yards allowed.

Rest of the lines for Week 14.

Visiting Team Visiting Line Home Team Home Line
Texans -4.5 Jaguars 4.5
Colts 4.5 Bengals -4.5
Bills 3 Buccaneers -3
Chiefs 4.5 Redskins -4.5
Vikings 3.5 Ravens -3.5
Browns 8.5 Patriots -8.5
Panthers 3.5 Saints -3.5
Raiders 6 Jets -6
Lions 1 Eagles -1
Dolphins 3.5 Steelers -3.5
Titans 10 Broncos -10
Giants PK Chargers PK
Seahawks 2.5 49ers  -2.5
Rams PK Cardinals PK
Falcons 3 Packers -3
Cowboys 3 Bears -3

Week 15

San Diego Chargers (+6.5) @ Denver Broncos

This could be a game that helps determine the outcome of the AFC West; that is if the Bolts can stay competitive. San Diego has not made the playoffs since 2009 and they have not won more than nine games in that same time frame finishing second for three straight years.

Cincinnati Bengals (+2.5) @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Hopefully this is another game that will help clarify the playoff picture. Cincinnati looks to return to the playoffs for a third year in a row, which would be a first for the franchise. The Steelers on the other hand have been consistent; since 2001 they have made the playoffs two years in a row and then missed the following season. This pattern has repeated itself four times. 

Baltimore Ravens (PK) @ Detroit Lions

The Lions were 4-12 last season and missed the playoffs. Detroit has now missed the playoffs in 9 out of the last 10 seasons. If Detroit is going to change its fortune then Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford are going to have to connect on more than the five touchdowns they produced last season.

Rest of the lines for Week 15.

Visiting Team Visiting Line Home Team Home Line
Chargers 6.5 Broncos -6.5
Redskins 3 Falcons -3
Bears -1.5 Browns 1.5
Cardinals 1 Titans -1
Texans PK Colts PK
Saints -1.5 Rams 1.5
Patriots -2 Dolphins 2
Eagles 3.5 Vikings -3.5
Seahawks -1 Giants 1
Bills -1 Jaguars 1
49ers -3 Buccaneers 3
Jets 3 Panthers -3
Chiefs PK Raiders PK
Packers -1 Cowboys 1
Bengals 2.5 Steelers -2.5
Ravens PK Lions PK

Week 16

New England Patriots (PK) @ Baltimore Ravens

This is a rematch of last year’s AFC title game. Baltimore won 28-13 sending the Ravens to the Super Bowl for the first time in 12 years. Tom Brady threw for 320 yards giving him 5,949 yards in the postseason, the most in NFL history.

Atlanta Falcons (+3.5) @ San Francisco 49ers

A matchup featuring the top two seeds from the NFC in 2012, this game could help determine who gets to host a playoff game between the two teams if they both should make the postseason. San Francisco won last year’s game 28-24 coming back from a 10-point deficit at half time.

Oakland Raiders (+4.5) @ San Diego Chargers

This is a game with a lot of question marks. Will Matt Flynn still be the starting quarterback? Will Ryan Matthews be healthy and playing? Will this game have any impact on the AFC West standings and the playoffs?

Rest of the lines for Week 16.

Visiting Team Visiting Line Home Team Home Line
Dolphins PK Bills PK
Vikings 2.5 Bengals -2.5
Colts 1 Chiefs -1
Buccaneers 1 Rams -1
Browns 3 Jets -3
Bears PK Eagles PK
Cowboys 2.5 Redskins -2.5
Saints PK Panthers PK
Titans PK Jaguars PK
Broncos PK Texans PK
Cardinals 8.5 Seahawks -8.5
Giants 1.5 Lions -1.5
Steelers 3 Packers -3
Raiders 4.5 Chargers -4.5
Patriots PK Ravens PK
Falcons 3.5 49ers -3.5