NFL Lines 2013

By John Ewing

Cantor Gaming has released their point spreads for the 2013 NFL season. Below we look at some of the notable games from each of the sixteen NFL weeks.

Cantor Gaming released their lines for Week 1 through Week 16 (lines are not posted for Week 17 because there is uncertainty in player participation) and as such we look at some of the notable games in this year’s NFL schedule.

Week 1

Baltimore Ravens (+7) @ Denver Broncos

The opening game of the NFL season will feature the Ravens becoming the first defending Super Bowl Champion to begin the season on the road. Baltimore is not getting much respect as underdogs of more than a touchdown. Baltimore won as 9.5 point dogs in the Divisional Round but that was with Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Anquan Boldin.

Philadelphia Eagles (+4.5) @ Washington Redskins

Robert Griffin III could miss the season opener and the Redskins are still 6.5 point favorites against the Eagles on Monday Night Football. Chip Kelly will have his work cut out for him in his NFL debut.

New York Giants (+2.5) @ Dallas Cowboys

A rematch of last year’s opener in which the defending Super Bowl Champion Giants were favored by 4 points and lost to the Cowboys 24-17. Tony Romo threw 2 TDs to Kevin Ogletree who was promptly picked up in every fantasy league only to be dropped a week later after tallying one reception and no touchdowns.

Rest of the lines for Week 1.

Visiting Team Visiting Line Home Team Home Line
Ravens 7 Broncos -7
Patriots -7 Bills 7
Titans 7 Steelers -7
Falcons 1.5 Saints -1.5
Buccaneers -1.5 Jets 1.5
Chiefs -3 Jaguars 3
Bengals 3 Bears -3
Dolphins -1.5 Browns 1.5
Seahawks -3.5 Panthers 3.5
Vikings 2.5 Lions -2.5
Raiders 7 Colts -7
Cardinals 4.5 Rams -4.5
Packers 4 49ers -4
Giants 2.5 Cowboys -2.5
Eagles 4.5 Redskins -4.5
Texans -3 Chargers 3

Week 2

San Francisco 49ers (+2.5) @ Seattle Seahawks

Arguably the two best teams in the NFC square off. Seattle added versatile playmaker Percy Harvin, while San Francisco picked up physical receiver Anquan Boldin. The teams split their two matchups last season but Kaepernick only played in the second game.

New York Jets (+8) @ New England Patriots

The Jets most likely don't know if it will be Mark Sanchez, David Garrard, Greg McElroy, Matt Simms, or Geno Smith starting in this Week 2 matchup. The Patriots won both contest last year, by 3 in OT and then by 30 in New York.

Pittsburgh Steelers (+1) @ Cincinnati Bengals

Key early matchup in tight AFC North that saw the Steelers go 3-3 in the Division and 3-5 on the road. Cincinnati is 1-5 in their last six games against Pittsburgh.

Rest of the lines for Week 2.

Visiting Team Visiting Line Home Team Home Line
Jets 8 Patriots -8
Rams 7 Falcons -7
Panthers -1 Bills 1
Vikings 2.5 Bears -2.5
Redskins 4.5 Packers -4.5
Dolphins PK Colts PK
Cowboys -1.5 Chiefs 1.5
Browns 7.5 Ravens -7.5
Titans 7.5 Texans -7.5
Chargers 2.5 Eagles -2.5
Lions -2.5 Cardinals 2.5
Saints -1.5 Buccaneers 1.5
Jaguars 3 Raiders -3
Broncos -1 Giants 1
49ers 2.5 Seahawks -2.5
Steelers 1 Bengals -1

Week 3

Chicago Bears (+2.5) @ Pittsburgh Steelers

The first matchup between these franchises since 2009; a 17-14 victory for Chicago. The Bears will be without Brian Urlacher for the first time since they drafted him 9th overall in 2000. New coach Marc Trestman also replaces Lovie Smith after 9 seasons.

Kansas City Chiefs (+3) @ Philadelphia Eagles

The longest-tenured head coach (14 years) in the NFL prior to his release, Andy Reid returns to Philadelphia for the first time after being fired. The Chiefs look to build upon a 2-14 season that saw them send 6 players to the Pro Bowl.

Jacksonville Jaguars (+14) @ Seattle Seahawks

Only one of two games all season to feature a team favored by 14 points. The other matchup - Jags (+14) @ Broncos. Jacksonville lost eight games last year by more than two touchdowns.

Rest of the lines for Week 3.

Visiting Team Visiting Line Home Team Home Line
Chiefs 3 Eagles -3
Packers PL Bengals PK
Rams 4.5 Cowboys -4.5
Chargers -2.5 Titans 2.5
Browns 6.5 Vikings -6.5
Buccaneers -6.5 Patriots 6.5
Cardinals 7.5 Saints -7.5
Lions 2.5 Redskins -2.5
Giants -1 Panthers 1
Texans 3.5 Ravens -3.5
Falcons -1 Dolphins 1
Bills 3.5 Jets -3.5
Colts 7.5 49ers -7.5
Jaguars 14 Seahawks -14
Bears 2.5 Steelers -2.5
Raiders 13.5 Broncos -13.5

Week 4

Pittsburgh Steelers (-1.5) vs. Minnesota Vikings (In London)

This is the first of two games to be played in Wembley Stadium this season. This game will feature Adrian Peterson, who came within nine yards of breaking the single-season rushing record in 2012, against the Steelers defense (2nd against the run last year).

San Francisco 49ers (-4) @ St. Louis Rams

The first of two matchups between these franchises, St. Louis went 1-0-1 against San Francisco last season. The tie was the first in the NFL since 2008. This is also the game in which Alex Smith got concussed; as a result it opened the door for Colin Kaepernick.

New England Patriots (PK) @ Atlanta Falcons

Two of the playoffs' top seeds from last year meet and Cantor is saying the Patriots are the better team, as the line is a pick'em. Traditionally home field is worth three points. New England is never listed as an underdog this season. This is the first matchup between these franchises since 2009, a 26-10 victory for New England.

Rest of the lines for Week 4.

Visiting Team Visiting Line Home Team Home Line
49ers -4 Rams 4
Ravens -4 Bills 4
Bengals -3 Browns 3
Bears 1 Lions -1
Giants -1.5 Chiefs 1.5
Steelers -1.5 Vikings 1.5
Cardinals 4.5 Buccaneers -4.5
Colts -3.5 Jaguars 3.5
Seahawks -1 Texans 1
Jets -1 Titans 1
Eagles 7.5 Broncos -7.5
Cowboys 1 Chargers -1
Redskins -4 Raiders 4
Patriots PK Falcons PK
Dolphins 4.5 Saints -4.5

Week 5

Houston Texans (+5.5) @ San Francisco 49ers

Quarterbacks beware; this matchup features two of the best rushers in the league. The 49ers’ Aldon Smith used his speed to rack up 19.5 sacks last year while J.J. Watt used power to accumulate 20.5 sacks for the Texans.

New York Jets (+7) @ Atlanta Falcons

The Falcons won 13 games last season, if they hope to replicate that same success they will need to handle a Jets team that went 3-5 last year on the road. Atlanta had a point differential of +60 at home while New York had a point differential of -40 on the road last season. 

Buffalo Bills (+1.5) @ Cleveland Browns

Not every game is notable and this game will not be seen in Prime Time, it may not even be seen locally. The Browns and Bills participated in three games last season that were blacked out. No game hosted by Cleveland was blacked out but the chance remains for a team that has not won more than five games since 2007. 

Rest of the lines for Week 5.

Visiting Team Visiting Line Home Team Home Line
Bills 1.5 Browns -1.5
Saints 1 Bears -1
Patriots -1.5 Bengals 1.5
Jaguars 6.5 Rams -6.5
Ravens -1 Dolphins 1
Eagles 4 Giants -4
Lions 4.5 Packers -4.5
Chiefs PK Titans PK
Seahawks -4 Colts 4
Panthers -1.5 Cardinals 1.5
Broncos -2.5 Cowboys 2.5
Chargers -2.5 Raiders 2.5
Texans 5.5 49ers -5.5
Jets 7 Falcons -7

Week 6

Washington Redskins (+1.5) @ Dallas Cowboys

A rematch of last year’s do-or-die finale, Tony Romo will look to redeem himself after throwing 3 interceptions helping to knock the Cowboys out of the playoff race. Jerry Jones must have forgot about this performance when he signed Romo to a six-year $108 million extension.

New York Giants (+2.5) @ Chicago Bears

This game has potential early-season playoff implications. Both the Giants and the Bears missed last year’s playoffs after each team finished the season 2-3 in their last five games. It’s important to start strong if you cannot finish late.

Indianapolis Colts (+2.5) @ San Diego Chargers

Andrew Luck will get a tough road game against Philip Rivers on Monday Night Football. Four of the Colts’ five losses last year came on the road. Luck threw 13 of his 18 interceptions when playing away from Indianapolis.

Rest of the lines for Week 6.

Visiting Team Visiting Line Home Team Home Line
Giants 2.5 Bears -2.5
Bengals -2.5 Bills 2.5
Lions -1 Browns 1
Raiders 4.5 Chiefs -4.5
Panthers 2.5 Vikings -2.5
Eagles 1.5 Buccaneers -1.5
Packers 1 Ravens -1
Rams 4.5 Texans -4.5
Steelers -1.5 Jets 1.5
Jaguars 14 Broncos -14
Titans 11 Seahawks -11
Saints 4 Patriots -4
Cardinals 10 49ers -10
Redskins 1.5 Cowboys -1.5
Colts 2.5 Chargers -2.5

Week 7

Denver Broncos (-3.5) @ Indianapolis Colts

Peyton Manning makes his return to Indianapolis and hopes to remind Colts fans what they are missing. Peyton in his 13-year tenure in Indianapolis, threw for 54,828 yards and 399 touchdowns.

Minnesota Vikings (+3) @ New York Giants

AP averaged 131 yards rushing per game. The Giants last year had the 8th worst rush defense allowing 129 yards per game. “All Day” may run all day on the Giants if they do not load the box against the Purple Jesus.

Seattle Seahawks (-6) @ Arizona Cardinals

Seattle routed Arizona 58-0 last year forcing eight turnovers. The shutout was the fourth largest in the NFL since 1940. Cardinals’ quarterbacks were 1 for 11 with 3 INTs when targeting Larry Fitzgerald in this game; Carson Palmer should improve upon those numbers.

Rest of the lines for Week 7.

Visiting Team Visiting Line Home Team Home Line
Seahawks -6 Cardinals 6
Buccaneers 6 Falcons -6
Bengals 1.5 Lions -1.5
Texans -2.5 Chiefs 2.5
Bills 4 Dolphins -4
Patriots -4 Jets 4
Cowboys PK Eagles PK
Bears 1.5 Redskins -1.5
Rams 3.5 Panthers -3.5
Chargers -3.5 Jaguars 3.5
49ers -7 Titans 7
Ravens 1.5 Steelers -1.5
Browns 7.5 Packers -7.5
Broncos -3.5 Colts 3.5
Vikings 3 Giants -3

Week 8

New York Giants (PK) @ Philadelphia Eagles

Chip Kelly gets his first chance to host the Giants in one of the most intense rivalries in the NFL. The teams split their meetings last year and the loser of this contest will not have to wait long for redemption as they play again three weeks later.

Green Bay Packers (-1) @ Minnesota Vikings

Greg Jennings gets to play host to his former team for the first time after signing a five-year $47.5 million deal with the Vikings in the offseason. Jennings was either first or second in receiving yards in each of his first six seasons with Green Bay. Injuries limited Jennings to just eight games last season.

Seattle Seahawks (-4) @ St. Louis Rams

Once considered the worst division in football, the NFC West features two of the best teams (Seahawks and 49ers) in the NFC and a Rams team that went 4-1-1 in the division last season. St. Louis gets a chance to make a statement in what suddenly looks to be a tough division.

Rest of the lines for Week 8.

Visiting Team Visiting Line Home Team Home Line
Panthers 1.5 Buccaneers -1.5
Cowboys 1 Lions -1
Browns 2.5 Chiefs -2.5
Dolphins 7 Patriots -7
Bills 6.5 Saints -6.5
49ers -10.5 Jaguars 10.5
Giants PK Eagles PK
Steelers -4.5 Raiders 4.5
Jets 4.5 Bengals -4.5
Redskins 6 Broncos -6
Falcons -4 Cardinals 4
Packers -1 Vikings 1
Seahawks -4 Rams 4

Week 9

Cincinnati Bengals (+1) @ Miami Dolphins

This is an important matchup on Halloween for two teams looking to make the playoffs. The lowest scoring games on Halloween was a 3-0 victory by the Green Bay Packers over the Chicago Cardinals in 1926. Most points scored in a game on Halloween, 59, by the Washington Redskins in 1948. The most turnovers in a Halloween game, 9, committed by the Los Angeles Rams in 1965.

Chicago Bears (+4) @ Green Bay Packers

This is the league’s longest rivalry dating back to 1921 with 186 regular-season and post-season games. Chicago leads the series 92-88-6 but the Packers have won 8 out of the last 10 games.

Indianapolis Colts (+4.5) @ Houston Texans

Since the realignment in 2002, the Colts have won the AFC South seven times, none since Peyton Manning was injured in 2010. Houston was never able to capture the division crown with a healthy Manning on the Colts, but have won each of the last two years. Andrew Luck looks to take the title back in an important November matchup.

Rest of the lines for Week 9.

Visiting Team Visiting Line Home Team Home Line
Bengals 1 Dolphins -1
Chiefs 1.5 Bills -1.5
Chargers 3.5 Redskins -3.5
Falcons -1 Panthers 1
Vikings 1.5 Cowboys -1.5
Titans 4.5 Rams -4.5
Saints -1.5 Jets 1.5
Buccaneers 7 Seahawks -7
Eagles -1.5 Raiders 1.5
Steelers 4 Patriots -4
Ravens -3.5 Browns 3.5
Colts 4.5 Texans -4.5
Bears 4 Packers -4

Week 10

Washington Redskins (+1.5) @ Minnesota Vikings

The NFL’s top two rushing leaders from last season Adrian Peterson (2,097) and Alfred Morris (1,613) faceoff. AP has stated that his goal is to rush for 2,500 yards in a season; this would shatter Eric Dickerson’s record of 2,105 in a single season.

Dallas Cowboys (+4) @ New Orleans Saints

Tony Romo and Drew Brees both had 400+ passing yards and 3+ passing touchdowns in their meeting last season. This was only the 5th time in NFL history that both quarterbacks had those statistics in the same game.

Miami Dolphins (+1.5) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Mike Wallace vs. Darrelle Revis. Both players are looking for a fresh start, Wallace after a disappointing statistical season and Revis after having ACL surgery. Revis tore his ACL in a game last year against Miami. 

Rest of the lines for Week 10.

Visiting Team Visiting Line Home Team Home Line
Redskins 1.5 Vikings -1.5
Seahawks PK Falcons PK
Lions 3 Bears -3
Eagles 7 Packers -7
Jaguars 3.5 Titans -3.5
Rams 2.5 Colts -2.5
Raiders 9 Giants -9
Bills 7 Steelers -7
Bengals 3 Ravens -3
Panthers 6 49ers -6
Broncos -3 Chargers 3
Texans -3 Cardinals 3
Cowboys 4 Saints -4
Dolphins 1.5 Buccaneers -1.5

Week 11

Green Bay Packers (PK) @ New York Giants

Aaron Rodgers had his worst game last season against the Giants. He completed 56% of his passes for 219 yards, one touchdown and one interception. The Giants were able to sack or hit Rodgers on 17 of his 33 dropbacks. If Rodgers can stay upright look for him to have a nice bounce back game against the Giants.

New England Patriots (-3) @ Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton burst onto the scene in his rookie season but was a disappointment to many who expected him to take a step forward in his sophomore campaign. The real disappointment was not in the numbers he put up but rather the team’s record. The Panthers won 6 games in his rookie season of 2011 and 7 in 2012. If the Panthers want to take the next step as an organization then they will need to beat the Patriots at home.

Indianapolis Colts (-1) @ Tennessee Titans

Chris Johnson totaled 1,243 rushing yards last season. However he was horribly inconsistent with five games over 120 yards but eight games fewer than 60 yards. As Johnson goes so too do the Titans. They wisely invested in two guards in free agent Andy Levitre and draft pick Chance Warmack which should help improve CJ's numbers in 2013.

Rest of the lines for Week 11.

Visiting Team Visiting Line Home Team Home Line
Colts -1 Titans 1
Jets 1.5 Bills -1.5
Ravens PK Bears PK
Browns 6 Bengals -6
Falcons -1 Buccaneers 1
Cardinals PK Jaguars PK
Raiders 7.5 Texans -7.5
Chargers 3 Dolphins -3
Redskins PK Eagles PK
Lions 3.5 Steelers -3.5
Chiefs 7.5 Broncos -7.5
Vikings 6 Seahawks -6
49ers PK Saints PK
Packers PK Giants PK
Patriots -3 Panthers 3

Week 12

New Orleans Saints (+2.5) @ Atlanta Falcons

Either the Saints or Falcons have won the NFC South in each of the last four years. With Sean Peyton back on the sidelines for New Orleans expect the Saints to challenge the Falcons for the division crown.

Denver Broncos (+1.5) @ New England Patriots

This is the first game all season that the Broncos are listed as underdogs.  Peyton Manning vs. Tom Brady, nothing else needs to be said.

San Francisco 49ers (-1.5) @ Washington Redskins

We just had Manning vs. Brady but what about RGIII vs. Kaepernick, maybe this will turn into the best quarterback matchup over the next ten years. At the very least it should be entertaining with two of the NFL’s best dual threat quarterbacks.

Rest of the lines for Week 12.

Visiting Team Visiting Line Home Team Home Line
Saints 2.5 Falcons -2.5
Steelers -3 Browns 3
Buccaneers 3.5 Lions -3.5
Vikings 4.5 Packers -4.5
Chargers 1 Chiefs -1
Bears -1 Rams 1
Panthers 1.5 Dolphins -1.5
Jets 6 Ravens -6
Jaguars 10 Texans -10
Colts PK Cardinals PK
Titans 1 Raiders -1
Cowboys 2.5 Giants -2.5
Broncos 1.5 Patriots -1.5
49ers -1.5 Redskins 1.5

Week 13

Pittsburgh Steelers (+2.5) @ Baltimore Ravens

This is a solid Thanksgiving matchup that continues the tradition of turkey and football since 1920. Each year three games are played and this matchup appears to be the most likely to produce a competitive game. The other games Dallas/Oakland and Detroit/Green Bay have at least one questionable team involved.

New Orleans Saints (+3.5) @ Seattle Seahawks

Does size matter? This matchup features two of the smaller quarterbacks in the league. Russell Wilson is listed at 5’11” while Drew Brees is listed at 6’0”. Despite Brees diminutive stature he successfully threw for more yards than every quarterback he faced last season.

New York Giants (+1.5) @ Washington Redskins

In five of the last eight seasons two teams have represented the NFC East in the playoffs or have been within one game of each other for the division crown. In what is always a tight division race this game could decide the playoff fate of each team.

Rest of the lines for Week 13.

Visiting Team Visiting Line Home Team Home Line
Packers -1.5 Lions 1.5
Raiders 7 Cowboys -7
Steelers 2.5 Ravens -2.5
Buccaneers 3 Panthers -3
Jaguars 4.5 Browns -4.5
Titans 4.5 Colts -4.5
Broncos -4 Chiefs 4
Bears 1.5 Vikings -1.5
Dolphins 1 Jets -1
Cardinals 4 Eagles -4
Falcons -3 Bills 3
Rams 7.5 49ers -7.5
Patriots PK Texans PK
Bengals PK Chargers PK
Giants 1.5 Redskins -1.5
Saints 3.5 Seahawks -3.5

Week 14

Atlanta Falcons (+3) @ Green Bay Packers

This late season matchup could help determine which team gets a first-round bye in the playoffs. Atlanta and Green Bay have combined to own home field throughout the playoffs in each of the last three seasons. Unfortunately neither team won the Super Bowl those years.

Dallas Cowboys (+3) @ Chicago Bears

In their matchup last season Tony Romo threw five interceptions in a loss. Romo became the only active quarterback with multiple five-interception games and he now holds the Dallas record for most 5-INT games.

Houston Texans (-4.5) @ Jacksonville Jaguars

The Texans are the only road team favored in Week 14. Not surprising it comes against the Jaguars. Jacksonville last season was 21st in pass yards/game, 30th in rush yards/game, 22nd in pass yards allowed, and 30th in rush yards allowed.

Rest of the lines for Week 14.

Visiting Team Visiting Line Home Team Home Line
Texans -4.5 Jaguars 4.5
Colts 4.5 Bengals -4.5
Bills 3 Buccaneers -3
Chiefs 4.5 Redskins -4.5
Vikings 3.5 Ravens -3.5
Browns 8.5 Patriots -8.5
Panthers 3.5 Saints -3.5
Raiders 6 Jets -6
Lions 1 Eagles -1
Dolphins 3.5 Steelers -3.5
Titans 10 Broncos -10
Giants PK Chargers PK
Seahawks 2.5 49ers  -2.5
Rams PK Cardinals PK
Falcons 3 Packers -3
Cowboys 3 Bears -3

Week 15

San Diego Chargers (+6.5) @ Denver Broncos

This could be a game that helps determine the outcome of the AFC West; that is if the Bolts can stay competitive. San Diego has not made the playoffs since 2009 and they have not won more than nine games in that same time frame finishing second for three straight years.

Cincinnati Bengals (+2.5) @ Pittsburgh Steelers

Hopefully this is another game that will help clarify the playoff picture. Cincinnati looks to return to the playoffs for a third year in a row, which would be a first for the franchise. The Steelers on the other hand have been consistent; since 2001 they have made the playoffs two years in a row and then missed the following season. This pattern has repeated itself four times. 

Baltimore Ravens (PK) @ Detroit Lions

The Lions were 4-12 last season and missed the playoffs. Detroit has now missed the playoffs in 9 out of the last 10 seasons. If Detroit is going to change its fortune then Calvin Johnson and Matthew Stafford are going to have to connect on more than the five touchdowns they produced last season.

Rest of the lines for Week 15.

Visiting Team Visiting Line Home Team Home Line
Chargers 6.5 Broncos -6.5
Redskins 3 Falcons -3
Bears -1.5 Browns 1.5
Cardinals 1 Titans -1
Texans PK Colts PK
Saints -1.5 Rams 1.5
Patriots -2 Dolphins 2
Eagles 3.5 Vikings -3.5
Seahawks -1 Giants 1
Bills -1 Jaguars 1
49ers -3 Buccaneers 3
Jets 3 Panthers -3
Chiefs PK Raiders PK
Packers -1 Cowboys 1
Bengals 2.5 Steelers -2.5
Ravens PK Lions PK

Week 16

New England Patriots (PK) @ Baltimore Ravens

This is a rematch of last year’s AFC title game. Baltimore won 28-13 sending the Ravens to the Super Bowl for the first time in 12 years. Tom Brady threw for 320 yards giving him 5,949 yards in the postseason, the most in NFL history.

Atlanta Falcons (+3.5) @ San Francisco 49ers

A matchup featuring the top two seeds from the NFC in 2012, this game could help determine who gets to host a playoff game between the two teams if they both should make the postseason. San Francisco won last year’s game 28-24 coming back from a 10-point deficit at half time.

Oakland Raiders (+4.5) @ San Diego Chargers

This is a game with a lot of question marks. Will Matt Flynn still be the starting quarterback? Will Ryan Matthews be healthy and playing? Will this game have any impact on the AFC West standings and the playoffs?

Rest of the lines for Week 16.

Visiting Team Visiting Line Home Team Home Line
Dolphins PK Bills PK
Vikings 2.5 Bengals -2.5
Colts 1 Chiefs -1
Buccaneers 1 Rams -1
Browns 3 Jets -3
Bears PK Eagles PK
Cowboys 2.5 Redskins -2.5
Saints PK Panthers PK
Titans PK Jaguars PK
Broncos PK Texans PK
Cardinals 8.5 Seahawks -8.5
Giants 1.5 Lions -1.5
Steelers 3 Packers -3
Raiders 4.5 Chargers -4.5
Patriots PK Ravens PK
Falcons 3.5 49ers -3.5