Richner: Positional Reports

Last Updated: 2/25/2016 7:35 PM ET
Over the course of his career, Matt Richner has put together positional reports that look at historical trends regarding key indicators from collegiate prospects and their performance at the professional level. These reports, which have previously only been available to front office personnel are available here:

QB Report: There is a limited supply of top shelf NFL starting quarterbacks and the teams that have the elite players are usually consistent playoff contenders. Teams that do not have a viable or elite QB are consistently searching for one. A QB is almost always taken with one of the first five picks in the NFL draft and there have been roughly 13 QBs selected in every draft since 2000. Matt was asked by a NFL GM to analyze all the QBs that have been selected since 2000 using statistical analysis. In total there are 153 QBs drafted since 2000... Read more

RB Report (by Kirstin Mahoney): Elite NFL Running Back Collegiate Statistics and Trends Applied to the 2014 NFL Draft Class
Kirstin Mahoney is a graduate student at Seattle University utilizing quantitative research methods in the pursuit of a Masters degree in Sport Administration and Leadership (achieved in 2014). This research was the result of an independent study supervised by Matt Richner at Read more

WR Report: The WR Report takes a look at the relationship between the NFL's leading wide receivers (WR) and each player's college statistics to see if there are any statistical measurements to gauge future pro success. The wide receiver position is as difficult as any position on the field to predict a player's future ability. The volatility in this position is evidenced by multiple occasions where entire first rounds in the NFL Draft pass by without hearing a wide receiver's name called. In total this report looks at the statistical achievements of 199 WR's. Read more

DT Report: There are two statistical categories in this study. First, is the individual side, which includes the player's career number of tackles, solo tackles, tackles-for-loss (TFL), sacks, and forced fumbles. The second section of stats deals with each player's final season team stats for rushing yards allowed, avg. rushing yards allowed per-game and rushing TDs allowed. The thinking behind including their team stats is to show that a premier DT should have made a significant impact on their teams rush defense. Read more

QB-WR Draft Combo Report: In the upcoming 2012 NFL Draft, there is a unique situation developing which involves two talented college teammates: QB Robert Griffin III (RGIII) and WR Kendall Wright, both from Baylor University. Since 2000, there is only 1 case were a QB/WR combo from the same college were first round draft selections: JaMarcus Russell (Raiders) and his receivers Dwayne Bowe (Chiefs) and Craig Davis (Chargers) in 2007. In so many cases you hear "draft analysts" discuss a player's lack of numbers or production in college because of a perceived "weak" supporting cast. Matt looked through every QB that has been drafted since 2000, along with every WR that was drafted the same year from both players' respected colleges/universities. Read more

Pass Rusher Report: The great pass rushers in the NFL cause havoc and produce game-changing moments. A premier pass rusher can keep QBs up at night and Offensive Coordinators scheming ways to minimize the player's destructive capabilities. A pass rusher is typically selected in the one of top five selections in the NFL Draft. That begs the question: where and what do you look for in finding the next great NFL pass rusher? It is Matt's belief that the majority of great pass rushers throughout NFL History continue their dominance from the college ranks into the NFL. Read more

All-Pro Report: This is a study that Matt put together whcih analyzes the NFL elite players and their statistics while in college. Past performance is the best indicator of future performance. Matt tests this theory by analyzing NFL All-Pro players and their individual achievements within the college ranks. Read more

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