NBA Live (06/21/13)

By John Ewing

A look at game changing plays in Game 7 of the NBA Finals utilizing Live ScoreCaster.

LeBron James led Miami to their second straight title by scoring 37 points to go along with 12 rebounds. LeBron won the Finals MVP for the second year in a row becoming only the second player to win back-to-back regular-season MVPs and NBA Finals MVPs (ESPN). Michael Jordan was the first player to accomplish the feat. Below we look at game changing plays in Game 7 utilizing Live ScoreCaster.

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Heat vs. Spurs

  • Miami’s 95-88 victory made the Heat the NBA’s first repeat champion since the Lakers in 2009-10.
  • LeBron’s 37 points tied an NBA Finals Game 7 record for most points.
  • Home teams are 15-3 in NBA Finals Game 7's.
  • The Heat became just the fourth team to win the last two games in the Finals at home since the format went to 2-3-2 (ESPN).

GameChanger – LeBron’s clutch shot

There was a time when LeBron was not considered a clutch player. Talking heads claimed he was not mentally tough enough and that he shrank from the spotlight on the biggest stage. In Game 7, LeBron silenced his critics for good.

With 0:27 left in the 4th, the Heat are leading 90-88. LeBron makes a clutch 19-foot jumper to put Miami up 92-88. LeBron’s timely bucket improves the Heat’s chances of winning from 67.8% to 81.9%.

GameChanger – Big Fundamental blunder

With 0:48 left in the 4th and Miami leading 90-88, Tim Duncan misses a hook shot, one he has made many times. The basket would have tied the game but instead becomes the Spurs’ last good look.

Had Duncan made his sweeping hook shot the Spurs improve their winning percentage from 24.7% to 39.7%. Given the back and forth nature of this series it would have been either team’s game to win.

GameChanger – Danny “Icarus” Green

Like Icarus, Danny Green flew too close to the sun. Danny Green-Light knocked down 25 three-pointers in the series first five games, shooting 65.8% from behind the arch. In the last two games Green went 2-for-11 from three-point land, 18.2%.

Green’s three-pointers in the first five games of the series helped extend the Spurs lead or keep them within striking distance. Green was unable to do that in Game 7.

With 7:15 left in the 3rd and the game tied 54-54, Green misses a three-point jumper. A made three-pointer would have increased San Antonio’s winning percentage by 17.5% making them 57.9% likely to win.

With 4:07 left in the 4th, Miami leading 85-82, Green misses a three-point jumper. Had Green splashed it in from downtown the Spurs improve their winning percentage by 20.6%, becoming 48.7% likely to win.

GameChanger – The Cover

With 0:23 left in the 4th and the Heat leading 94-88 after a pair of LeBron free throws, I could not help but think of Brent Musburger. The famous announcer is known to reference the point spread in the closing minutes of football games that are “over” but whose betting outcomes have not been determined.

For Heat backers, betting tickets ranging from Miami -5.5 to -6.5, those final 0:23 seconds were intense. Manu Ginobili misses a three-pointer with 0:18 left in the 4th. Had that shot went in, Spurs trail by three, the projected final score becomes Miami 95, Spurs 91. No cover.

With 0:16 left in the 4th, Dwyane Wade misses the second of two free throws, Miami leads 95-88. Shane Battier grabs the offensive rebound and the Heat run the clock out. Had the Spurs got the rebound the projected final score becomes 95-89, either a push or a no cover for many bettors.

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