MLB Playoff Odds (09/09/14)

By John Ewing
Will your favorite baseball team make the playoffs? Updated odds for all 30 MLB teams.

As MLB teams make their playoff push in the final month of the season, we look at the odds for each club to reach the postseason.

Five teams are all but locks to play meaningful ball in October: LA Angels, Baltimore, LA Dodgers, Washington and St. Louis are all greater than 99 percent likely to reach the postseason. Of those five teams, only the Dodgers and Cardinals were in the playoffs last season.

The last month of baseball has been wild as some teams have played their way in and out of the postseason.

On August 1st Kansas City was four games back in the AL Central. The Royals now have a one game lead over the Tigers. Kansas City has used a 23-11 run to improve the clubs playoff chances by 54.7 percent.

In contrast Milwaukee is collapsing. After leading the NL Central at the beginning of August, the Brewers have gone 13-21 falling six games behind the Cardinals and Pirates in the division. In the last 13 games, Milwaukee starters are 1-11 with a 6.95 ERA. The Brewers playoff odds have declined 44.3 percent in the last five weeks.

Will your favorite baseball team make the playoffs?

With two wild cards spots in each league. There are 17 teams with at least a 1 percent chance of sneaking into the one-game playoff. So you're telling me there's a chance?

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Odds to reach the 2014 MLB Playoffs

Team Odds to Make Playoffs Diff from 08/01/14
Los Angeles Angels 100.0 1.2
Baltimore Orioles 99.9 23.4
Los Angeles Dodgers 99.9 2.4
Washington Nationals 99.9 11.6
St. Louis Cardinals 99.1 34.2
San Francisco Giants 95.0 41.9
Oakland Athletics 91.3 -8.5
Kansas City Royals 74.8 54.7
Detroit Tigers 70.8 -14.5
Pittsburgh Pirates 56.1 10.1
Seattle Mariners 50.5 36.2
Atlanta Braves 27.3 -24.9
Milwaukee Brewers 21.0 -44.3
Cleveland Indians 5.8 -3.6
Toronto Blue Jays 5.0 -66.4
New York Yankees 2.2 -7.3
Miami Marlins 1.5 -4.6
New York Mets 0.1 -4.3
Arizona Diamondbacks 0.0 -0.1
Boston Red Sox 0.0 -0.1
Chicago Cubs 0.0 0.0
Chicago White Sox 0.0 -2.6
Cincinnati Reds 0.0 -21.6
Colorado Rockies 0.0 0.0
Houston Astros 0.0 0.0
Minnesota Twins 0.0 -0.1
Philadelphia Phillies 0.0 -0.3
San Diego Padres 0.0 -0.1
Tampa Bay Rays 0.0 -12.2
Texas Rangers 0.0 0.0