Introducing: Linebacker (6/28/18)

By Paul Bessire

The sports betting industry is changing at a rapid rate, and the ever-growing team supporting Prediction Machine and its parent company is building the tools necessary for bettors and fantasy players to stay ahead of the market.

I am excited to introduce

I barely knew what the spread was 10 years ago when I was working on simulation engines for FoxSports, Others had taken notice, though, as the predictions we were publishing were consistently out-performing the market.

As I took a crash course in all things sports wagering and looked at what was available, I knew there was opportunity for an objective, automated, data-driven approach to predicting sports for bettors and fantasy players. I knew we had something that could help and educate

Sports simulation is the best way to account for all the interactions that can occur within an event to evaluate the likelihood of outcomes. I am proud of what Prediction Machine has done, both with our approach to predicting games and in the tools we built for bettors and daily fantasy players.


Education, integrity, transparency and customization have always been at the forefront of what we have done with, which led to things like the Play Value Calculator, Results Finder, Play Analyzer (creative naming was apparently not as much of a priority) and 5,000 word blogs on betting and fantasy strategy.

Linebacker takes those concepts and amplifies them... and that means only good things for you.

We will still focus on simulated outputs, money management, play-value recommendations, power rankings, and predictions for all games with the goal of adding more sports and events than Prediction Machine. Linebacker launches in August and there is a Free Trial when you sign up now.

What is new at Linebacker:
Real-time, up-to-the minute predictions, including updated projected boxscores
Predictions relative to specific sports books and current lines
Custom betting profile with profit tracking and personal risk levels
The return of fantasy projections and DFS related content

The evolution of the sports gaming and fantasy has been fascinating and has never been more compelling in the US than right now. Linebacker is the site best positioned to aid, educate and provide an edge to bettors, regardless of experience.

By mid-August, will redirect to and social media accounts will switch over to Linebacker from Prediction Machine. While the site will no longer exist, this is not the end of an era. The best parts of Prediction Machine will live on and they will be made even better by Linebacker's innovations.

In fact, Linebacker has built what we always wanted to build with Prediction Machine. Linebacker's innovative approach and technology are poised to lead the industry.

Thanks to all who have been a part of the Prediction Machine journey. Be sure to check out (get the free trial).

Paul Bessire