Bargain Centers

By Tom W. Brewer @Tom_W_Brewer
NBA DFS - Bargain shopping for centers.

You'd love to always have room for an Andre Drummond or a DeAndre Jordan in your NBA Daily Fantasy lineup, but it's not possible. It isn't in the cards to put your money on Marc Gasol or Al Horford every night either. Nope, between schedules and salary caps, sometimes you have to play a good center instead of a great one. Such is life, but that doesn't mean the situation is hopeless.

Today, we'll have a look at some low-cost centers to round out your lineups. These big men might not put up a lot of NBA points, but they score a lot of fantasy points by stuffing the stat sheet with boards, blocks, and assists.

Roy Hibbert – L.A. Lakers

The lowdown: It's fashionable to bash on Hibbert as if he's some kind of stiff, but it wasn't that long ago that people talked like he was the second coming of Patrick Ewing. Maybe he hasn't reached the potential the world saw in him, but he's still logging serious minutes for the Lakers.

Most recent salary: $5,000 (DraftKings), $5,400 (FanDuel), $18 (Yahoo)

Behind the numbers: Hibbert is on the floor a lot, banging in the lane for about 27 minutes a night. While he only scores about nine NBA points per game, he's good for over six boards and two blocks a night. Remember, scoring isn't the only path to fantasy points—his rebounds and blocks count big time. In fact, the former Hoya has scored over 25 points in four of his last five on DraftKings and 23+ in his last six on FanDuel.

Steven Adams – Oklahoma City Thunder

The lowdown: Since Enes Kanter came to OKC, Adams has seen his role shift. It seems as if he's being asked to only do the dirty work, but at least he's got a sweet new rock-and-roll hairdo. A tough defender with a knack for finding the ball, Adams is a sneaky-good play at the utility spot.

Most recent salary: $3,700 (DraftKings), $4,100 (FanDuel), $153 (Yahoo)

Behind the numbers: In a strange way, Kanter's presence has been good for Adams. He's being asked to do less offensively (he's lost a point from his 2014-15 average) without sacrificing playing time. The physical third-year player is still on the floor for 25 minutes a game racking up somewhere between 15 and 23 fantasy points a night.

Andrew Bogut – Golden State Warriors

The lowdown: If Bogut's healthy, he's worth a look. The dude is just consistent. Every night, he grabs eight or nine boards a night, makes some gimme putbacks, and scowls like nobody's business. If there were DFS scowl points, he'd be in the Hall of Fame, prominently featured in the Kendrick Perkins wing. But Bogut's not always angry. Just watch him dance.

Most recent salary: $4,700 (DraftKings), $4,800 (FanDuel), $19 (Yahoo)

Behind the numbers: Bogut's missed a handful of games due to injury, and so far he's only playing 20 minutes a night. Despite a reduced workload that's likely to change, Bogut's scoring 15-20 on DraftKings and 13-18 on FanDuel. An underrated passer on a team full of sharpshooters and slashers that give him space to operate, Bogut's in position to make an impact for the Warriors and for your fantasy lineup.

Ian Mahinmi – Indiana Pacers

The lowdown: Long-time backup Mahinmi has been getting the lion's share of the minutes at the five since Hibbert was traded from Indy. His numbers are comparable to Bogut's and until Myles Turner comes along, Mahinmi is gonna get his.

Most recent salary: $4,600 (DraftKings), $4,700 (FanDuel), $16 (Yahoo)

Behind the numbers: Mahinmi has been making the most of his increased workload. Between points, blocks, rebounds, and assists, he's scored 25+ fantasy points in three of his last four on DraftKings. Over that same span on FanDuel, he's put up 24+ in three games. He's not spectacular at any one skill, but when you take his numbers as a whole, you get a solid player. Pro tip: Mahinmi's home/road splits are wider than the Grand Canyon. When he's playing in the familiar confines of Bankers Life Fieldhouse, he's a monster.

Clint Capela – Houston Rockets

The lowdown: There's a 99% chance you scroll past Capela every time you log in to your DFS platform of choice. I get it; he's a deep cut. If Capela were a Black Keys song, he'd be “Sinister Kid,” but he's worth consideration. Capela doesn't play big minutes every night (he averages around 18), but given Dwight Howard's on-again, off-again relationship with playing time, the 21 year-old gets his fair share of opportunities, and when the kid's on the floor, he contributes.

Most recent salary: $4,700 (DraftKings), $4,300 (FanDuel), $14 (Yahoo)

Behind the numbers: Houston's bigs are ailing. Howard still isn't playing in back-to-backs, and given the Rockets caution with him to this point, it's hard to imagine the team really maxing out Dwight until we're closer to playoff time. In the meantime, Capela shows up when he starts: He's scored over 20 fantasy points in four of his last six games.

Joakim Noah – Chicago Bulls

The lowdown: Noah proved he's the ultimate team guy by sacrificing a starting spot for a bench role. Now playing about 20 minutes a night, Noah is still doing all the little things to help the Bulls challenge the Cavs in the East, but his team-first approach is allowing Fred Hoiberg's fast-paced offense to flourish.

Most recent salary: $4,400 (DraftKings), $4,400 (FanDuel), $15 (Yahoo)

Behind the numbers: Even in fewer minutes, Noah's gonna Noah. He's a skilled passer and a tenacious rebounder, a rangy defender who values winning more than stats. He's a floor burn masquerading as a man. His minutes and his points might be down, but Joakim Noah's been good for at least 23 fantasy points in three of his last four games.

Setting your DFS lineup is the anti-Black Friday: The deals are out there, but you have to find them. Do your homework, including checking out our player projections, and you'll find yourself with plenty of extra holiday cash.