ATS Results after Tie (10/14/14)

By John Ewing Director of Research and Analytics @johnewing
How do teams perform against-the-spread following a tie in the NFL? Results via the Trend Machine.

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Love them, or hate them, a tie in the NFL is a rare thing. There have been 18 ties in the NFL since 1978 and now thanks to the Bengals and Panthers a game has ended in a draw three straight seasons.

When an NFL game ends deadlocked it gets a lot of media attention, but what can we, as gamblers, take away from a tie?

Using the Trend Machine we found out how teams perform against-the-spread following a draw.


Since 1978, teams that tied the previous week are 16-18 (47% ATS).

Since 1986, teams that tied the previous week and are on the road are: 9-13 (41% ATS).

  • Both the Bengals and Panthers are on the road this week.

All-time, teams that tied and are dogs of 7 or more points are 3-5 (38% ATS).

  • Carolina is a road dog of 7 points at Green Bay.

Below are the results for each team that has tied since 1978. Discover more trends like these using the Trend Machine.

Trend Machine FREE trial - for access for one week of the Trend Machine click here.

Year Team Location Favorite Spread Cover
2013 Packers Road Underdog +2 No
Vikings Home Favorite -1 Yes
2012 49ers Home Favorite -5 Yes
Rams Home Favorite -3 No
2008 Eagles Road Underdog +2 No
Bengals Road Underdog +11.5 No
2002 Steelers Road Favorite -3 No
Falcons Home Favorite -1.5 Yes
1997 Redskins Home Favorite -8.5 No
Giants Home Favorite -1 No
1997 Ravens Home Favorite -4 No
Eagles Home Underdog +3 Yes
1989 Browns Road Favorite -7 No
Chiefs Home Underdog +1.5 Yes
1988 Jets Road Underdog +6 No
Chiefs Road Underdog +5 Yes
1987 Packers Road Underdog +5 Yes
Broncos Road Underdog +1.5 No
1986 Eagles Road Underdog +6.5 Yes
Cardinals Road Underdog +10.5 No
1986 Falcons Road Underdog +3 No
49ers Road Favorite -9 Yes
1984 Lions Road Underdog +9 No
Eagles Road Underdog +14 Yes
1983 STL Cards Home Underdog +3.5 Yes
Giants Home Underdog +7 No
1982 BAL Colts Road Underdog +13.5 No
Packers Road Underdog +3.5 Yes
1981 Dolphins Road Underdog +4 No
Jets Home Underdog +2.5 Yes
1980 Bucs Road Underdog +9 Yes
Packers Road Underdog +9 Yes
1978 Packers Road Underdog +1.5 Yes
Vikings Home Favorite -3 No