A Quick Breakdown of the Latest NBA Trade Rumors (02/21/17)

By Frank Brank @realfrankbrank
The NBA trade deadline hits this Thursday. More often than not, there are a lot of rumors and rumblings in the NBA with very little action on Deadline Day. The DeMarcus Cousins blockbuster is a rarity around the deadline, but let's breakdown more potential rumors with the hopes of more blockbusters down the road to shake up the league.

Derrick Rose is not a good player, not a good shooter, and supremely inefficient. Rubio isn't a great point guard but he's better than Rose. Though many would see this as an upgrade for Minnesota based on raw numbers, Rubio is a better player than Rose, per RPM and BPM. Rose would be a free agent at season's end. The only way this makes sense for Minnesota is if the Wolves were trying to free up Rubio's salary for potential offseason signings. For the Knicks, Rubio would seemingly fit in nicely for a few years with high usage players like Carmelo Anthony (if he's still around) and Kristaps Porzingis.

The key requirement for Rockets players seem to be the willingness to shoot threes and play relatively poorly on defense. Chandler fits the mold. He currently shoots just over four three pointers per game but that would surely increase in the Rockets' system. Efficiency ratings don't love Chandler but he's a boost to the Rockets second unit and would be forced to play a more efficient style. Lou Williams is cheaper, on a shorter contract, and fits the Rockets a little better than Chandler. However, Williams may cost Houston more for all of those reasons.

I've said my piece about Lou Williams above. Bogdanovic is a much, much worse overall player than Lou Williams. He's not efficient on offense or defense. The Wizards are clearly looking for shooting help here, but they'd be better off standing put with what they have than taking on replacement player minutes with Bogdanovic.

This trade is becoming more and more unlikely, but let's look at it anyway. It's been long understood that Carmelo Anthony isn't nearly as good as his raw numbers suggest. He's an above average player, overall, but not much more than that. On the other hand, Kevin Love is having another great season and seems to be under-appreciated every year. He has supported an RPM over five for the last two seasons, ranking 14th in the NBA this year (this is the reason that the Cavs drop to ninth in our Power Rankings when Love is out of the lineup). Though he has serious injury concerns, Cleveland will need Love to be healthy heading into the playoffs if they want to have a shot at taking down the Warriors again. Love gives the Cavs a better shot to compete; plain and simple.

Zach Lowe of ESPN has recently suggested that the Celtics have had some conversations come up regarding Blake Griffin. The Clippers are understandably asking for a big return including Jae Crowder, one of Marcus Smart/Avery Bradley, and draft pick(s). Advanced metrics are mixed on Crowder but he's a plus player, nonetheless. RPM would suggest he's been every bit as efficient as Griffin this season where BPM favors Griffin. It's important to note that Griffin has battled injuries throughout the season though. Marcus Smart would be more preferable than Avery Bradley to the Clippers. Big trades like these are always unlikely and one would argue the Celtics have a chance in the East with a lesser addition than selling off key pieces like Crowder and Smart for what could be a lateral move.