2014 NBA Draft Lottery (05/20/14)

By John Ewing
2014 NBA Draft Lottery, can the Cavaliers win again? Is there any value in betting on the lottery? Odds courtesy of Bovada.lv.

The NBA Draft Lottery will be held tonight at 8 pm ET on ESPN. Teams that spent the season tanking will find out if all the losing was worth it. The top prizes, Andrew Wiggins, Joel Embiid and Jabari Parker, await the teams lucky enough to land a top three pick.

The Cleveland Cavaliers won the Draft Lottery in 2013 for the second time in three years. Cavs owner Dan Gilbert said Cleveland would not be back in the lottery after overcoming the long odds, just a 15.6% chance, of winning the No. 1 pick last season. The Cavaliers have even longer odds this year with just a 1.7% chance to select first in June's draft.

Is there any value in betting on the lottery? No. The juice, the amount charged by a bookmaker for their services, took all the value out of the bets. Though the odds for each team are closely tied to the actual odds.

  • The Nuggets own the Knicks' pick but will send the lesser pick to the Magic.
  • The 76ers own the rights to the Pelican's pick unless it lands in the top five.
  • The Bobcats own the Pistons' pick if it falls out of the top eight.
  • The Suns own the Timberwolves pick if it falls to No. 14.
Below are the actual odds each teams has of winning the lottery, plus the implied odds are the odds one would need in order to place a wager.

Team Actual Odds Betting Odds Implied Odds
Bucks 25.0% 11/4 26.7%
76ers 19.9% 7/2 22.2%
Magic 15.6% 5/1 16.7%
Jazz 10.4% 9/1 10.0%
Celtics 10.3% 9/1 10.0%
Lakers 6.3% 14/1 6.7%
Kings 4.3% 20/1 4.8%
Pistons 2.8% 33/1 2.9%
Cavaliers 1.7% 50/1 2.0%
Pelicans 1.1% 75/1 1.3%
Nuggets via Knicks 0.8% 100/1 1.0%
Magic via Nuggets 0.7% 100/1 1.0%
Timberwolves 0.6% 100/1 1.0%
Suns 0.5% 100/1 1.0%