Season Win Totals (10/08/14)

By John Ewing Director of Research and Analytics @johnewing
2014-15 NBA season over/under win totals for all teams. Odds courtesy of

The NBA season is just around the corner and over/under season win totals have been posted for every team.

The Cleveland Cavaliers (5/2) are the favorites to win the NBA Championship and shocker, the Cavs also have the highest win total at 58.5 games. In LeBron's first season in Miami the Heat won 58 games.

After the Cavs, seven of the ten highest win totals belong to teams in the West. Headlining the Western Conference teams are the Thunder (57.5 games), Spurs (57 games), and Clippers (54.5 games).

Additional Notes
  • There is no respect for Miami. A team with Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade and Luol Deng have a win total of 44 games. Last year the Heat (with LeBron) had a line of 60 games.
  • With a win total of 50 games, there is a lot of enthusiasm for the Wizards. Washington has only won 50 or more games five times in the organization's history.
  • Will Derrick Rose stay healthy? That's the big question in Chicago. The Bulls will need Rose to play a full season in order to go over the win total of 54.5 games.
  • Which team is the worst? The 76ers tanked their way to 19 wins last year, the misery isn't over in Philadelphia. The Sixers have the lowest total at 15.5 games.

2014-15 NBA Season Win Totals

Team Win Total
Atlanta Hawks 41
Boston Celtics 26.5
Brooklyn Nets 41.5
Charlotte Hornets 45
Chicago Bulls 54.5
Cleveland Cavaliers 58.5
Dallas Mavericks 49.5
Denver Nuggets 41.5
Detroit Pistons 35.5
Golden State Warriors 50.5
Houston Rockets 49.5
Indiana Pacers 33
Los Angeles Clippers 54.5
Los Angeles Lakers 32.5
Memphis Grizzlies 49
Miami Heat 44
Milwaukee Bucks 24
Minnesota Timberwolves 26.5
New Orleans Pelicans 43
New York Knicks 40.5
Oklahoma City Thunder 57.5
Orlando Magic 27.5
Philadelphia 76ers 15.5
Phoenix Suns 44
Portland Trail Blazers 49
Sacramento Kings 29.5
San Antonio Spurs 57
Toronto Raptors 48.5
Utah Jazz 24
Washington Wizards 50