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    Daily Fantasy Tools (08/06/15)

    By Paul Bessire CEO and GM @predictmachine
    We have many new features coming to for the football (or futbol) season(s) including the addition of soccer, an overhaul of Live ScoreCaster, some engine tweaks, new Game Matchup (individual game purchases) pages, the Free Trend Machine and more.

    However, nothing we are doing with the site nor have done in a while is as exciting, robust, in-depth and beneficial to the consumer than our brand new Daily Fantasy section based off of our player projections and powered by our great friends and the geniuses at Perduco Sports.

    With the addition of four state-of-the-art Daily Fantasy tools (and a Mock Draft Machine), strategy and advice pages, matchup and lineup information, league and industry news and player and team specific pages, we are more than quadrupling the amount of content available through for each sport we cover.

    Launching today with the NFL, we will soon add the NBA (2015-16), MLB (2016), NHL (2016-17) and likely other sports as we are able. The content for each of tool and page can be catered to salaries and offerings for all DraftKings, FanDuel or Victiv contests (change the dropdown in the upper-right of any page to see the info for a specific site). Subscriptions to everything you see below are available for $19.95 for weekly games like the NFL or $1.95 for daily sports.

    What is available?

    Cutting-Edge Fantasy Tools:

    • The Optimizer - Build your own optimized lineups using's projections, customize with your own expected points or uploaded projections from other sites. Blacklist players or teams, stack lineups and/or filter by type of player to find the optimal daily fantasy lineup for any contest.

    • Next Man Up - Instantly assess injury impacts or test hypothetical roster situations by removing a player from an upcoming game and generating updated projections for all players on that team (based on 50,000 simulations of the game without that player done in real-time). These projections can even be saved and used in The Optimizer.

    • Create Your Own Projections - Weight a player's average fantasy performances in various situations to create your own projections for upcoming games. Save projections for use in The Optimizer.

    • Optimal Lineups - Just want the answers? Pick any upcoming contest (including different strategies for GPP or 50/50 games) to see's official Optimized lineup. DFS expert, Brian Harnisch, will use these projections for his weekly DFS NFL advice and strategy column on Fridays.

    • Mock Draft Machine - Before the season, use's Mock Draft Machine to simulate through/during Fantasy Football drafts to gauge best strategies and predict what others in the league will do. Drafts are graded as they are entered and recommends the best pick for every scenario based on simulation analysis of the season. Great for actual drafts as well.

    Winning Strategies
    • Winning Strategies - See updated average dollars spent per position, best and worst values, usage rates and performance relative to spreads and totals for every daily fantasy contest.

    • Winning Lineups - Check out the optimal, top performing and most used lineups and players from each daily fantasy contest.

    • Player Projections - View player fantasy point and dollar-per-fantasy point projections for every player for every available Daily Fantasy contest.

    • Team Projections - Evaluate how all teams rank in upcoming games based on projected points-per-position for the team and its opponent.

    • Week-by-Week Projections - Look even further into the future with's player statistical and fantasy projections for every remaining game beyond this week.

    Additional Matchup Info and Resources
    • Upcoming Games - Get a quick breakdown on schedule, odds, venue, officials and weather information for each upcoming game.

    • Starting Lineups - View weekly starting lineups including all daily fantasy relevant players.

    • Injuries - See a comprehensive injury list including every player not expected to play in the upcoming week as well as their projected date of return.

    • League News - A thorough list of all recent transactions in each sport as well as breaking news via Twitter.

    • DFS News - Composite of Twitter information from the top newsmakers in the Daily Fantasy Sports world.

    • Team Pages

    • Player Pages

    What is DFS and How Can We Help?

    Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) have exploded in recent years, if not the last few months. Sites like DraftKings and FanDuel dominate the scene with ads, promotions, high stakes games and the best in guaranteed prize pool and 50/50 salary cap contests. They are fun, often quite addicting, add more to each game and can lead to profits. Every major sports web portal has joined the game in some manner and start-ups with a unique take (Victiv is currently the most intriguing to us) are popping up all over.

    While it is a buzzworthy and incredibly competitive environment, there is a dearth of sound content and tools designed to help the actual game player. The amount spent and won by a small percentage of the players is incredibly disproportionate and it can often be frustrating to get acclimated as a new player.

    That's where we come in. There is money to be won in Daily Fantasy Sports and everyone should have an opportunity to do so. Our objective, analytical approach can go so far as to give our optimal answers to any contest for those new to the game or allow for incredible interaction and custom analysis for those wanting to take a deeper dive.

    Leveraging our projections with DFS has proven very profitable over the last three years (as Brian Harnisch can and probably will tell you) - and we only expect that edge to grow as so many fans continue to flood the market and we give our customers everything they need to make smart decisions and uncover top value.

    NFL Preview Pages:

    Over/Under Win Total Picks
    Futures Picks
    Projected Scores (All 256 Regular Season Games)
    In-Depth Team Analysis
    NFL Team Rankings
    Fantasy Football Projections and Rankings
    Positional Cheat Sheets and Week-by-Week Fantasy Projections
    Fantasy Football Mock Draft Machine
    NEW Daily Fantasy Tools and Analysis
    Football Updates for 2015
    Soccer ("Football") Launches

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