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    Updated Super Bowl Odds (07/01/13)

    John Ewing, Director of Research and Analytics
    By John Ewing

    In the wake of the Aaron Hernandez saga and with NFL training camps kicking off in less than a month, it is time for a Super Bowl futures update. Lines courtesy of

    There has been a shift in the league's perceived power structure since we first posted Super Bowl XLVIII odds. Of the 32 NFL teams, 20 have seen their odds change. Only four teams have seen their odds improve.

    The San Francisco 49ers (6/1) and the Denver Broncos (13/2) remain the favorites to win the Super Bowl. The Jacksonville Jaguars continue to bring up the rear with the worst odds at 200/1.

    Below we look at a few teams with the greatest change in their odds, both good and bad.

    Moving on up

    St. Louis Rams

    Odds Shift: 60/1 to 40/1

    The Rams seem to be making all the right moves. St. Louis signed Jake Long in free agency to sure up their offensive line. The Rams also crushed the draft giving Sam Bradford needed weapons in Tavon Austin and Stedman Bailey.

    Bookmakers' take (per 49ers, even as favorites at 6/1 odds, have taken twice as much money as Seattle and ten times as much as St. Louis.

    Seattle Seahawks

    Odds Shift: 9/1 to 8/1

    Seattle is no longer a surprise team and with that comes lofty expectation. The Seahawks offseason moves reflect this; the additions of Percy Harvin and Cliff Avril will improve both sides of the ball. Seattle was a top-10 team in both points scored and points allowed last season.

    Bookmakers' take: The noted additions by Seattle have lowered their odds but so to has injuries to the 49ers, like Michael Crabtree.

    In reverse

    New England Patriots

    Odds Shift: 8/1 to 17/2

    New England had two of the best tight ends in the NFL last season but Hernandez is now gone and Rob Gronkowski has had three arm surgeries and a back surgery over the last year. Wes Welker left in free agency and the cupboard that was once full on offense is looking a little thin.

    Bookmakers' take: was already high on Patriots at 8/1, Hernandez being out hurt but Gronkowski's status is the primary driver.

    Chicago Bears

    Odds Shift: 25/1 to 33/1

    Question marks hover over this team. What will the team look like with a new head coach, their first since 2004? Will the defense remain stout without captain Brian Urlacher? Can the offensive line keep Jay Cutler upright?

    Bookmakers' take: As of this morning the line is back down to 28/1, there has been a lot of money recently on the Bears.

    Where is the money going?

    The 49ers have taken more money then any other team. The rest of the top five backed teams include: Denver, Seattle, Atlanta, and Green Bay. The teams taking the fewest bets: Jets, Bills, Jaguars, Titans, and Raiders.

    Updated odds for all NFL teams, lives courtesy of

    Team Odds After Draft Current Odds
    San Francisco 49ers  6/1 6/1
    Denver Broncos  15/2 13/2
    Seattle Seahawks  9/1 8/1
    New England Patriots  8/1 17/2
    Green Bay Packers  12/1 12/1
    Atlanta Falcons  12/1 14/1
    Houston Texans  18/1 18/1
    New Orleans Saints  18/1 18/1
    Baltimore Ravens  20/1 22/1
    New York Giants  20/1 22/1
    Pittsburgh Steelers  25/1 25/1
    Chicago Bears  25/1 33/1
    Dallas Cowboys  28/1 33/1
    Washington Redskins  28/1 33/1
    Philadelphia Eagles  30/1 33/1
    Cincinnati Bengals  35/1 33/1
    Indianapolis Colts  35/1 40/1
    Detroit Lions  40/1 40/1
    Miami Dolphins  40/1 40/1
    Minnesota Vikings  40/1 40/1
    St. Louis Rams  60/1 40/1
    San Diego Chargers  40/1 50/1
    Tampa Bay Buccaneers  40/1 50/1
    Kansas City Chiefs  50/1 50/1
    Carolina Panthers  50/1 66/1
    Cleveland Browns  75/1 75/1
    New York Jets  75/1 100/1
    Tennessee Titans  100/1 100/1
    Arizona Cardinals  100/1 125/1
    Buffalo Bills  100/1 125/1
    Oakland Raiders  100/1 150/1
    Jacksonville Jaguars  200/1 200/1


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