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    MLB Rankings (7/31/2015)

    Last Updated: 7/31/2015 3:00 PM ET

    Not only does the Predictalator run every upcoming game 50,000 times, it plays every team against every other team to come up with the ultimate Power Rankings. The Predictalator is successful because it best accounts for actual matchups and team's abilities to exploit opponent's weaknesses, so the Power Rankings are not necessarily the best way to know who would win between two teams. They are, however, the best possible way to measure which teams have put together the most impressive seasons. The best team may not be favored against the second-best team, but it would be favored more significantly against the rest of the teams in the sport.

    To build the MLB Power Rankings below, we "played" every team against every other team 50,000 times each and ranked by overall winning percentage of those games. These Power Rankings are as of (7/31/2015) rosters and projected depth charts.

    To view, strength-of-schedule-adjusted offensive and defensive Team Rankings, please Sign Up for FREE today.

    2015 MLB Team Rankings (7/31/2015)

    Rank Team
    1 Los Angeles Dodgers
    2 Houston Astros
    3 Washington Nationals
    4 St. Louis Cardinals
    5 Pittsburgh Pirates
    6 Toronto Blue Jays
    7 San Francisco Giants
    8 Chicago Cubs
    9 Los Angeles Angels
    10 Kansas City Royals
    11 New York Yankees
    12 Baltimore Orioles
    13 Tampa Bay Rays
    14 Cleveland Indians
    15 New York Mets
    16 Seattle Mariners
    17 Chicago White Sox
    18 Oakland Athletics
    19 Arizona Diamondbacks
    20 Texas Rangers
    21 Detroit Tigers
    22 Boston Red Sox
    23 Miami Marlins
    24 San Diego Padres
    25 Minnesota Twins
    26 Colorado Rockies
    27 Milwaukee Brewers
    28 Atlanta Braves
    29 Cincinnati Reds
    30 Philadelphia Phillies
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