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Ultimate transparency is of the utmost importance to us. The ResultsFinder is a useful tool for those looking to get the most out of this site by tracking the success of teams in certain circumstances as well as the success of the Predictalator straight-up, against-the-spread, money-line (for NHL and MLB) and on the over/under.

Only data from September, 2011 and beyond is available through the ResultsFinder. Half-bet information began tracking on May 18, 2012. 

For more information on this technology, watch the ResultsFinder Tutorial Video.



The Predictalator is the most advanced sports forecasting software available today because it has the ability to account for all of the relevant statistical interactions of the players (playing or not playing/injured), coaches, officials, fans (home field advantage) and weather in each game.

7/21/2014 Highlight: Using the ResultsFinder for the last two weekends July 11th - 20th (since the All-Star break fell during last week), one could find that all playable over/under MLB plays went 26-17 (61% O/U).

The Predictalator plays every game 50,000 times before it's actually played. This provides us the ability to assign probabilities to the likelihood of just about any outcome occurring in any contest including straight-up, against-the-spread and over/under winners of each game.


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