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College Basketball Picks - 01/28/13

Last Updated: 1/28/2013 4:00 PM ET

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If you are getting a different line than our projection or you are interested in teaser plays or other exotics that use different lines, we've got you covered. Simply access the Customizable Predictalator or the Play Analyzer, which are available to run actual, future or totally hypothetical games while being able to input your own against-the-spread, money and over/under lines. Also, to know who we project to be OUT of each game, check out our injuries information.

Against the Spread Picks (Based on Games Played 50,000 times - Print Table):

Rot Time (ET) ATS Pick Opponent Line Margin Win% ATS Calc Play
721 9:00 PM KANSAS @W. VA. -8 11.3 55.7 Calc --> Play
719 7:00 PM PITTSBURGH @LOUISVILLE 6 -3.2 55.5 Calc --> Play
732 7:00 PM @TEXAS SOUTHERN ALABAMA ST. -13 17.3 55.3 Calc --> Play
716 7:00 PM @DREXEL DELAWARE -5.5 7.1 53.0 Calc --> Play
725 9:05 PM PORTLAND ST. @E. WASH. 2.5 -0.7 52.3 Calc --> Play
724 9:00 PM @MARQUETTE S. FLORIDA -11 11.9 51.3 Calc --> Play
717 7:00 PM JAMES MAD @UNC-WILMINGTON -2.5 2.7 50.3 Calc --> Play

Straight-Up Picks (Based on Games Played 50,000 times - Print Table):

Rot Time (ET) Favorite Opponent Points For Points Against Win% Play
724 9:00 PM @Marquette S. Florida 69.9 58.0 82.3 Play
721 9:00 PM Kansas @W. Va. 71.2 59.8 81.1 Play
732 7:00 PM @Texas Southern Alabama St. 74.0 56.7 74.2 Play
716 7:00 PM @Drexel Delaware 69.9 62.7 66.5 Play
720 7:00 PM @Louisville Pittsburgh 66.4 63.2 59.7 Play
717 7:00 PM James Mad @UNC-Wilmington 65.2 62.5 56.5 Play
726 9:05 PM @E. Wash. Portland St. 70.8 70.1 51.2 Play

Over/Under Picks (Based on Games Played 50,000 times - Print Table):

Home Rot Time (ET) Matchup Line Total Points Pick Pick% Calc Play
724 9:00 PM S. FLORIDA @ MARQUETTE 121.5 128.0 Over 58.6 Calc --> Play
720 7:00 PM PITTSBURGH @ LOUISVILLE 125 129.7 Over 56.1 Calc --> Play
716 7:00 PM DELAWARE @ DREXEL 129.5 132.6 Over 53.1 Calc --> Play
726 9:05 PM PORTLAND ST. @ E. WASH. 137 141.0 Over 52.7 Calc --> Play
732 7:00 PM ALABAMA ST. @ TEXAS SOUTHERN 132.5 130.7 Under 51.1 Calc --> Play
718 7:00 PM JAMES MAD @ UNC-WILMINGTON 127.5 127.7 Over 50.2 Calc --> Play
722 9:00 PM KANSAS @ W. VA. 131 131.0 Under 50.0 Calc --> Play

In the picks above, Margin, Points For, Points Against and Total Points are averages from 50,000 games played. The Win% ATS is the percentage of games in which the team picked covers the noted spread. Similarly, the Pick% in the Over/Under table is the percentage of time that the Over or Under pick covers the total. These values represent the Predictalator's confidence in the pick and are used in the Play Value Key and Calculator. With RL and O/U plays assumed to be -110, anything less than 52.38% confidence is not considered to be a worthwhile pick. To alter odds or to evaluate money-line plays, click on "Calc" and adjust the Odds in the Play Value Calculator. Clicking on the "Play" button will allow you to run that game through the Customizable Predictalator. An "Upset Watch" icon will appear next to games where we believe the underdog is more like than not to win outright. Picks will be updated as needed due to injury (up to one hour before game time).

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Play Analyzer - View Updated Picks on Current Consensus Lines
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