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About Paul Bessire

Paul Bessire is one of the foremost authorities on mathematically modeling and analyzing all sports. For more than ten years since earning his Master's degree in Quantitative Analysis (with a focus on Finance and Sports), he has turned what was his longtime hobby of predicting and writing about sports outcomes into his full-time profession.

Over that time period, Paul has had great success, accurately choosing the against-the-spread winner in ten of the last 12 Super Bowls, correctly predicting 41 of 54 NFL playoff games against-the-spread since the's launch and hitting more than 65% against-the-spread with Locks of the Week.

For the 2009 NFL season, Paul also bested over 100 professional prognosticators in the inaugural Richard Gardner Pro Football Pick'em contest. is Paul Bessire's latest endeavor, which features the Predictalator – the most in-depth, state-of-the-art sports prediction software ever created.

Before using statistics to forecast game outcomes professionally, Paul was always working on ways to apply the financial modeling and predictive methods he learned while graduating in Finance and Quantitative Analysis as an undergraduate student. A Master's degree in Quantitative Analysis, where Paul penned the thesis, Measuring Individual and Team Effectiveness in the NBA Through Multivariate Regression, led Paul away from the world of finance, to the interesting and ever-evolving world of sports analysis, where past performance can be more indicative of future outcomes and talking about the job is a lot more fun. Many of the same principles with which Paul excelled in school related to effective business and financial strategies have even stronger applications to sports.

Paul's expertise covers just about every major professional and collegiate sport including the NFL, college football, college basketball, MLB, NBA, NHL, seven international soccer leagues, PGA and poker (probably in that order). While he could rely on the numbers and do this job without ever watching a game, (much to the joy of his wife,) he watches and follows everything. With that expertise and knowledge also comes fantasy sports success, where Paul has also competed and advised as a fantasy "expert" in fantasy football, baseball and basketball as well as pick'em contests in every sport.

Paul is also currently an adjunct professor at the University of Cincinnati, acting as a professor of Bracketology in the Lindner College of Business and as a guest lecturer for Sports By the Numbers. Bracketology is a three week class around the NCAA tournament that focuses on the big business of collegiate athletics in addition to the statistical discussions around how to choose and seed the field as well as how best to fill out a bracket after the field is announced. During one eight hour class before Selection Sunday, groups of ten students form mock selection committees and go through the same process as the actual selection committee. In 2013, though the actual selection committee broke rules pertaining to regular season rematches in the second round and number of teams from the same conference within the same pod, none of the five mock selection committees in the class broke any of the committees rules.

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