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    MLB Preview: Playoff Predictions

    Last Updated: 2/28/2017

    We simulate the regular season and playoffs 50,000 times with updated player and team statistical information to provide up-to-date projected records, standings, playoff probabilities and odds to win the World Series for each team in the MLB. This information will be provided below with "Wins" and "Losses" referring to the teams' current record so far and "Proj Wins" and "Proj Losses" noting the projected final regular season record for each team. "Div%", "WC%" and "WS%" signify the team's chances of winning the division, earning a wild card and winning the World Series respectively.

    MLB Playoff Probabilities

    Last Updated: 2/27/2017 1:57 PM ET
    American East Div SU Win% WC SU Win% WS SU Win%
    Boston Red Sox 70.7 16.8 15.5
    Toronto Blue Jays 12.2 22.3 2.3
    New York Yankees 9.3 18.0 2.1
    Baltimore Orioles 5.1 15.4 0.3
    Tampa Bay Rays 2.7 8.3 0.4
    American Central Div SU Win% WC SU Win% WS SU Win%
    Cleveland Indians 64.0 12.1 9.9
    Detroit Tigers 20.6 17.4 1.9
    Minnesota Twins 8.4 8.4 0.4
    Kansas City Royals 6.3 7.1 0.4
    Chicago White Sox 0.7 0.9 0.0
    American West Div SU Win% WC SU Win% WS SU Win%
    Houston Astros 48.6 21.3 6.0
    Texas Rangers 32.0 21.2 3.4
    Seattle Mariners 10.1 13.1 2.2
    Oakland Athletics 5.2 9.3 0.7
    Los Angeles Angels 4.1 8.4 0.3
    National East Div SU Win% WC SU Win% WS SU Win%
    Washington Nationals 64.7 17.6 10.7
    New York Mets 22.2 29.8 3.3
    Miami Marlins 9.8 15.3 1.4
    Atlanta Braves 2.4 4.3 0.2
    Philadelphia Phillies 0.9 4.1 0.0
    National Central Div SU Win% WC SU Win% WS SU Win%
    Chicago Cubs 85.7 9.3 19.5
    St. Louis Cardinals 12.9 37.7 2.7
    Pittsburgh Pirates 1.2 7.5 0.2
    Cincinnati Reds 0.0 2.6 0.1
    Milwaukee Brewers 0.2 2.9 0.1
    National West Div SU Win% WC SU Win% WS SU Win%
    Los Angeles Dodgers 66.8 15.9 11.0
    San Francisco Giants 17.5 23.0 2.5
    Colorado Rockies 12.4 20.4 2.1
    Arizona Diamondbacks 3.1 8.5 0.4
    San Diego Padres 0.2 1.1 0.0

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    MLB Playoff Predictions
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