Super Bowl Props Pick'em

Thank you to all who participated (and earned a $10 credit in the process) in Props Pick'em for Super Bowl XLVIII.

Congratulations to all 53 money winners (top 50 with ties), including loa241 who bested PurpuleDrank1 by just five points to earn $2,000 in site credits for winning the competition (second place paid $1,000).

Rounding out the top ten in the contest were: 3) VegasHusky, 4) Birdmoose2, 5) Bus714, 6) nigelbenn, 7) dsiemier, 8) Geddyrulz, 9) christoph51u and 10) mattmanbowz.

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Rank User Score
1. loa241 1565
2. PurpleDrank1 1560
3. VegasHusky 1555
4. Birdmoose2 1545
5. Bus714 1505
6. nigelbenn 1500
7. dsiemier 1465
8. Geddyrulz 1460
9. christoph51u 1455
10. mattmanbowz 1450
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What is a Prop?

A proposition (known as a "prop" wager in Vegas) is a multiple choice question (with up to 6 answers), where the user has to select which game outcome they deem most likely to occur. An example of a prop is, “Will either team score a touchdown in the last two minutes of the game: Yes or No?

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