Bracket Simulator

What is a Bracket Simulator?

Have you ever wanted to see what a college football playoff would look like? Want to get an early jump on the MLB, NBA NFL or NHL postseason? Looking for a way to prove that your team deserves to make the NCAA Tournament?'s new Interactive Bracket Simulator gives you the power to simulate the postseason for any sport.

How to use the Bracket Simulator:

  • Choose field size and # of simulations (# of teams and times to play through your bracket)
  • Click "Build Bracket"
  • Select all teams for your bracket via the dropdown menus
  • Click "Simulate Tournament" to play the games 
  • Review the Bracket Odds and Most Likely Bracket results from your simulation

How does it work?

The Predictalator, using current rosters and strength-of-schedule and pace-adjusted team and player stats, will play each tournament individually, with the team that wins most often advancing. The percentages in the Bracket Odds table below represent the team's likelihood of advancing to that round. In the "Most Likely Bracket," values next to teams are that team's chances of winning in that round. 

Build Bracket

Beginning Round:
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