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Business Solutions and Services is considered one of the leaders in sports simulation. Its advanced statistical technology is able to hypothetically run a game 50,000 times before its played using its algorithm and data called, "inputs." Inputs are statistical numbers which vary due to the game match-up such as in-depth player stats, roster adjustments, the degree of homefield advantage, weather, coaching and many more. Using hundreds of inputs down to the smallest factor, "The Predictalator" – the "machine" and - produces proprietary data available for both consumers and now, recently launched, for business including online, Television, Radio and Print.

The technology and algorithms that have been developed, built and tested at are amongst the most advanced in the world of sports statistics and simulation. And, while we are proud of all the accomplishments of the predictive technology, nothing can be more indicative of the accuracy of the Predictalator than the 35-9 Against-the-Spread record in the NFL Playoffs since we launched the company the week prior to the Super Bowl in 2010. strives to be the most accurate, advanced, user-friendly and transparent sports predictive technology with such innovations as the ResultsFinder database, Customizable Predictalator, Team Power Rankings, Play Analyzer and Live, In-Game Simulations. Whether you are a start-up website looking for customized sports information, or an established brand looking to add something as innovative as an in-game, predictive, live feature to your "Game-Tracker" application or Play by Play broadcast, Pre-Game or Post Game Show, has "on the shelf" or can custom build the application you need.

Sports Covered: All products and services are inclusive of the following sports; NFL, NCAA Football FBS, NCAA Basketball, NBA, NHL and MLB.

Data delivery: All information is accessible by XML feed, CSV download, interactive web API or other preferred sharing approach.


Prediction Machine Live: This cutting-edge technology produces an in-game win percentage probability for each team as well as a predicted final score after each play in every NFL, college football, NBA, college basketball and MLB game! This proprietary technology combines game simulation and forecasting with live play-by-play to produce the only in-game, final score prediction and win probability simulation results available to the web or broadcast marketplace. Simply put, imagine being able to add to your game tracker, live scoring system or game Play-by-Play broadcast, a graphic or live audio drop that can accurately predict the game's final score and the probability percentage of each team winning calculated after each play or score. The easy to understand graphic clearly shows how the predicted final score changes based on every play during the game. The graphic can be integrated into your online game tracker, converted into a broadcast quality graphic or converted into a web interface for use in online or radio play-by-play.

To see how Prediction Machine Live ran every play of the 2012 Super Bowl, click here.

Or, to review Prediction Machine Live results for the 2012 NCAA Final Four and Men's Basketball National Championship game, click here.

The Guaranteed Line:'s guaranteed line is produced 365 days a year. It is an amalgamation of consensus line information from over 30 sportsbooks, as well as our proprietary simulation and power rating calculations. What is unique about the "Guaranteed Line" is, even when Vegas has taken a game off the board due to lineup changes weather or other factors, can provide an accurate line using the Predictalator's simulation technology which is able to account for all up-to-date information. This feed can be customized and is updated in real-time from the time the line is set until the game begins. The live line can include Spreads, Totals and Money-Lines as well as a "steam indicator" to note lines that have moved significantly.

Game Picks: The core product includes the predicted final score and win probability percentage for Straight-Up, Against-the-Spread and Over/Under picks against a consensus line. Additional written analysis can also be customized for display and promotion.

Game Pick Customization: Whether you want a select pick each day, a game of the week with in-depth written analysis, or a specific market game, game picks can be customized with the appropriate content and analysis to fit your objective. As an example, a "Dog of the Week" feature can be developed where the Machine selects one underdog that is more likely to win outright than the average fan thinks (using a consensus line to help contrast and highlight value).

Machine Power Rankings: To build Machine Power Rankings, we "play" every team within each sport – NFL, college football, NBA, college basketball, MLB and NHL - against every other team 50,000 times each and rank by overall winning percentage of those games. Machine Power Rankings can be updated as often as necessary utilizing real-time rosters and projected depth charts.

Preseason Projected Standings with Playoff and Championship Probabilities: Before the first pitch is thrown or the first coin is tossed, plays each team's full schedule 50,000 times and providers final season records, regular season standings and playoff probabilities and projections. As well, the entire post season is played based on the simulation of the regular season to produce projected league playoff brackets and championship odds.

Weekly (or Daily) Team Standings Projections and Playoff Probabilities: Updated weekly (or as often as desired) during the season, the Predictalator plays each team's remaining games on the schedule 50,000 times and projects final records and regular season standings taking into account its current roster and record. Projected standings, playoff probabilities and championship likelihoods for all teams are provided.

Fantasy Content: By running each game 50,000 times before it's actually played, we produce full boxscores with individual player stats (just as you would see following a game, however it is provided before the game). These fantasy player stats are organized by position and include projected fantasy statistics and points by player and can even include dollar-per-point values that can make it easy for players to participate (and win) salary cap leagues.

Contact: For more information or to explore abusiness to business relationship with, please email:



Super Bowl In-Depth Analysis - (Free)
See the in-depth breakdown for Super Bowl XLIX including a Game Summary, Matchup Analysis, Key Players and much more - all for free.

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Now in its third year,'s Prop Pick'em contest brings a unique twist to props, asking you to select answers to game props including two in-game halftime questions. The Top 50 point scorers will share in a prize pool of $7,000 in site credits including $2,000 to the contest winner, while all participants will get a $10 FREE credit.


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