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Business Solutions and Services's automated technology is able to produce individual player projections based on the 50,000 simulations it runs for each game. Projections are driven by the same simulation engine that is used for full game-by-game (and season-long) analysis, which accounts for the players competing against each other while layering in as much additional relevant information as possible like weather, officials, home field advantage, injuries, coaches and more.

The accuracy of the Predictalator's game predictions extends to individual player performance making the ideal provider of player projections used to power Daily Fantasy.

Short Duration Fantasy Products:

  • Customizable Individual player projections for each game; can include suggested salary and game point outputs.
  • Daily updating player and team projections by game, week, month and season for any scheduled game in the future.
  • Live, in-game final score and win probability projections updated after each play.
  • Live, in-game player projections updated after each play.

Products that empower the Player:

There is a strong desire to educate the daily fantasy casual user and provide tool sets so that they can compete across various sites and game offerings.

  • Optimized daily lineups for all games offered using your player salaries and scoring – to appear on Also available as a feed to be posted on your site (and affiliates).
  • Fantasy Draft Machine provides real-time draft suggestions while a real or mock draft is under way. It can evaluate variance, risk, position scarcity, starters, bye week impact and more. It simulates the entire fantasy season after each pick to project weekly team-by-team matchups to provide unparalleled draft advice.
  • Fantasy Projections include who to sit and start and 'best fit' free agent advice for critical in-season acquisitions and can be customized for unique league rules and salary caps.

Other Interactive Consumer Products:

  • Guaranteed game line feeds for spreads, totals, money-lines and futures updating in real-time and available for every game as soon as rotation number is posted (even when games are off the board).
  • Among other feeds and content, these four products are available with customization as well: Live ScoreCaster, The Bracket Simulator, NFL Draft Machine and Trend Machine.

Available Sports:

  • NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL
  • College Football and Basketball

Feed Format Options:

  • XML
  • API
  • CSV
  • JSON


Work Samples:

  • Please visit the press room to see a list of work samples.



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